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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by quick6, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. i just posted this on nsr, so some of you might be reading this for the second time, but anyway... so as long as the weather isn't actually as poopy as everyone says it's going to be this weekend (not likely), a buddy of mine and i are riding over to pullman this coming weekend and due to the fact that i-90 sucks gorilla balls, we have been looking for different ways to get there. we just rode 20 and 2 last weekend, so we are looking to maybe explore some new (new to us, anyway) roads. i have taken 14 along the columbia and white pass in cars. but not on a bike yet. anyway, anyone have any suggestions?
  2. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    bringin that tank bag, Quick6? I too am interested in a better way to get to Seattle from Pullman. I just want a ride that is a bit more interesting than I90...

  3. Run 12 over white pass, turn south at Yakima and take 97 over satus pass. take 14 east to Tri Cities the hop back on 12 to Lewiston.
  4. yeah cord, i'll be bringing my tankbag,
  5. Id check out white pass to 14, through the gorge, tri cities, then go some back roads Id have to explain, roughly tri cities through lower monumental dam, walla walla, middle waitsburg road, up through lyons ferry and onto 26 at washtucna. If you can fig that out, do it, if not I can PM you how it all works....

  6. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    what kind of overall mileage is that though? It seems like it substantially increases the ride. I'm not Beans here, 4 hrs is long enough already
  7. To go the south route adds about 150 or so miles, but keep in mind they arent the punishing, numbing, grueling ones in a straight line. This is some good twisty stuff that will take the day, require a lunch stop and entertain the hell out of you. Your choice though....

  8. well, the idea is to avoid the long straight boring ride that is i-90 altogether and take the day to ride something new. we aren't in a hurry to get over there. the spiral highway isn't going anywhere
  9. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    you still comin this way this wknd? Saturday's supposed to be nice, but that's about it...
  10. get out your map - there are many paved great unmarked and no cop roads between here and seattle - in the puget sound area ( don't where exactly you're coming from but you can take back roads all through Issaquah to North Bend and beyond heading east - you can take the old highway north of I 90 all the way through ellensburg and take a road ( the old vantage road they call it) right to the bridge at vantage - if you're heading to Pullman from there go right at the east side of the bridge - if you can stay off of 12 do it as it's a state highway and loaded with cops and they'll bust you big time - there are some other roads that are in there but you have to look on the map and be willing to explore and possibly get a little lost - I'm able to get to Seattle from Spokane with only about 50 miles of I 90 which is essentially from Cle Elum crossing Snoqualmie - (which is kinda fun when it's not raining) if you can get a Wa State official state map they indicate all paved roads and there are many unmarked and minor roads all throughout the eastern side of the state keeping you safe from cops and traffic some of it is boring but a lot of it is nice and twisty meandering through farm country -