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Rob Krug, Black Sabbatical, passed away 5/19/12

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by trayson, May 20, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Many of you know Rob. He was a prominent figure (like it or not) here on PNW Riders. He had a lot of passion, sparked a lot of controversy, and certainly made a name (good or bad) for himself.

    I received a call this morning from Shannon his wife (he recently got married) letting me know that Rob passed away last night and that I could get the word out to the Motorcycle crowd. They're not exactly sure the cause of death yet, but he went in his sleep and I'll update when they know more.

    There are two things in life that Rob was passionate about: Motorcycles and Metal music. And Rob would want to be remembered exactly that way.

    And Rob was all about letting it all hang out in the public on PNW Riders threads, so this IS the most appropriate place to remember him. Please post up memories (be respectful) and pics of Rob here. Honor him for a man that had a tremendous amount of passion, and who I know had a great heart and genuinely loved many of the members motorcycle community like we were brothers and sisters.

    I've had inquiries about what's going to happen with a funeral, memorial ride, etc. The short answer is that I don't have any solid info yet and things need some time to come together. As I receive info, it will be updated here.
    - I currently don't know a funeral date, or if it will be open/closed.
    - I've heard talk about a possible tribute concert, but have no real details and that needs time.
    - Rest assured that there will almost certainly be a formal memorial ride, (see below for details).

    Everyone of course wants to honor Rob, and the outpouring has been incredible. Thanks to everyone for that and for being patient and understanding the need for the family to be supported and have the time they need.

    Link to Memorial Ride thread

    On Saturday June 16th, there will be a "Monsters of Rock" show at Dante's in Portland and they are dedicating the show to Rob.

    Saturday, June 16, 2012
    $10.00 advance Dante's Tickets (TicketsWest) 9pm (doors open at 8pm).

    Shannon and many of Rob's friends will be there.


    I can tell you right off that this picture sums up Rob perfectly, and this is how I will always remember him:



    This is a video that I had the privilege of making and it yet another way to honor Rob:

    Here's another video of Rob doing what he did best: causing a little drama! We were on a PNW ride and he was air drumming to his metal music and a cop pulled him over while we all watched...

    And he even cleaned up and came to my wedding last year, wearing MOTORCYCLE BOOTS of all things! crackup: crackup: crackup:

    As Rob has said countless numbers of times, "RIP Rider". I never thought I'd be saying it about him though...

    Thanks Wendy for this pic. Definitely front page material!


    And a fantastic shot of Rob taken by Ben at a PSSR ORP track day. He showed up late for the track day, caused all sorts of drama, but he also rode it like he stole it. Bravo Rob, bravo.

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  2. Holy Shit... No....

    I know there was a lot of drama, but Rob was one of the very few genuine people, that'd do anything for a friend.

    What a good guy, and I know he's in a better place.

    RIP My friend.
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  3. I'am sorry to hear this news. I did not know Rob. Never the less sad to lose a community member way to early. Thoughts and prayer's to his family.

  4. Ok this is a shocker
    May you rest in peace Rob and to all his family and friends find peace at this most difficult time.

    God speed my friend

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  5. He was one of the most genuine, caring guys I have ever had the privilege of calling a friend. He will be truly missed.
  6. Never go to bed angry at someone you love, and tell them you love them at every opportunity. You can be there one second and gone the next.

    RIP, dude.
  7. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    Wow, that sucks.

    Anyone who knew Rob and hung out with him in person couldn't have drama with him, he genuinely cared about everyone around him. I met him when I was first getting into riding and wrecked my first bike. Dude stayed around as long as it took and even helped me LIFT my EX-500 into the back of a truck to get out of there.

    Rob was an excellent dude with the best of intentions. This is surely a loss :(
  8. I got to know Rob pretty well over the last few years. He was one of the first people in PNWR that I became friends with - I should say riding buddies as I never saw Rob outside of PNWR.

    To say he was a character is an understatement. A constant center of attention at PNWR (often at his own request) he was a really good guy at heart who had a strong desire to be loved by everyone. He liked to act like the "bad boy" but in reality he was probably one of the nicest you could ever meet.

    Rob shocked me about a year ago when he met his soul mate and got married. Shannon must be heartbroken and I hope that those here that know her will show her support.

    One thing to think about is what needs to be done and what we can do as a community to help. Perhaps a Rob Memorial Ride would be in order (and if Shannon needs help it could be a fundraiser). I know it is what Rob would want.

    RIP Rider. RIP Friend. RIP Blackie. :ninja:
  9. That's a terrible shame. He will truly be missed. RIP Rob, you've always been a friend to me, and I'll always remember you.
  10. I am shocked and greatly saddened. Rob always had a very energetic personality, and there was no mistake of the things he loved the most. I am proud to have met and know him, they are memories I will hold for forever.

    RIP and Godspeed Rob!
  11. Yes, we'll most certainly do a memorial ride. As more details come out, I am sure the details will be figured out. But yes, Rob would want more than anything for us to ride in his honor (probably cranking some metal music in our helmets while we do so).
  12. This is my impression of Rob too. Away from the internet he was just a good guy.

    Godspeed Rob.
  13. Holy shit, he was a great guy and tried really hard to make things better for the riding community. As in setting up rides ect.
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  14. Sad news to hear, He was always good for starting some drama on the forums, which always made me laugh, but in person he was everyones best friend wheather you liked him or not, I will miss him and the character he played on the boards and in life.
  15. R I P Rob !!!!! This has been quite the shock. I have always liked Rob and had many great chats with him at TNC, EDR and always gave him a bad time when he had a new crack on the ZX10. He was as genuine as they get. Like him or not you always got Rob at his best. He will be missed around here. God Speed
  16. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    We will miss you, Rob. You always knew how to make me laugh and put me in a better mood.
  17. RIP Rob. Thoughts and prayers to his fam. He was such a great and caring person. Just a month ago, he helped drag a friends bike up the side of the mountain after he drove by and saw us. I have so many great memories with Rob, and always looked forward to seeing and hanging with him. You will be greatly missed Rob.
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