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Roll Call: Kitsap track day/OPRT Sept 27th

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Willow, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Starting new thread in honor of Mikefsu being the last one to post in my last thread that he would be there.

    So........who is still coming? I will be there, especially to honor Mikefsu that would have been there.

    September 27th at the Ridge. I signed up 200 level.

  2. I thought its going to be on the 285h, firday. Or is this a different track day then 2 fast?

  3. Nope, this is a different track day. See link above. Maybe we'll see ya out there?
  4. Hmmm last track day of the year, i might do this plus the free schoool then 2 fast the next day. Itll be a hell of a 21st bday weekend
  5. The Ridge is in Mason county. Should change title to "Roll Call: The Ridge Track Day/OPRT Sept 27th". It's a little less confusing. I'm in for my first track day. Been riding on the street for over 30yrs, figured it was about time ;-) looking forward to meeting some PNW Riders and getting some tips. Should be a blast.
  6. Derp. Just realized the context of the post. Still should move it and make it the official roll call thread...
  7. I will be there.
    In memory of Mikefsu.
  8. I will be pushing to be there for sure!
  9. I'll be there with the new track bike. 100 for my slow ass.
  10. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    please bring the MP3, Sarah absolutely loves them
  11. Is anybody going from the kingston/poulsbo/silverdale area? I might need a way to get a second bike to the track. If my 250 is ready. :ninja:
  12. :ninja: find me at the track if it is I'll tow you around. :)
  13. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    if you can get it to my work the day before ill bring my truck and get it to you.

    work- gig harbor, off burnam drive
  14. I'm sure we can find someone around here to hall it for ya. I might be able to, will let you know.
  15. i'll have a trailer, leaving from PO the night before.
  16. Sarah going to be there? I can bring it and she can take it around for a session!
  17. my motor blew up. can i control ride on your mp3? i am sport-bikeless :(
  18. Cool, I think I remember seeing your bike on the 12th at pacific, what level do you run? I'll probably be in 2.

    Cool, thanks for the offers guys. I'll send out some PM's as it gets closer. I won't be home from work the day before until around 5:30 or so.

    I might be camping the night before, not sure yet.
  19. accuweather is calling for 77 and sunny as of now