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Rollin Rollin Rollin. Road trip!

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by SprintnFJ, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Tied up in Nampa Idaho for the night. Today was a pretty great riding day although my brain kept migrating off riding, which is no good. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better in focus but the ride is going to pale in comparison quality wise.

    You can see my route on the spot map so I won't bore you with those details, and since I'm not techie enough to use the iPad to post pics tonight I'll limit it to the following:

    206 was pretty fun! Great surface conditions, not much traffic, and it was an interesting bit of scenery with all the windmills.

    19 was also pretty fun, also very good surface conditions fun twisty stuff with very little traffic.

    26 was really good also, very fun until east of the national forest. I had lunch in John Day at The Outpost: Good food and they were very nice. There is No Ethonol 91 octane just 1.6 miles south of John Day at the Shell/pacific pride near Canyon City.

    Tomorrow I pretty much am stuck stabbing it for 400 miles. :shock: Yuck. I could take other routes but they would add a lot of time and really not improve the ride that much. It's southern Idaho.... It just is what it is! So I'm investing 400 miles of slab to get to the good stuff east of Provo, which is where I plan on spending the night.

    I'll migrate this info to the ride reports once I can post up pics.

  2. Welllll I'm going to keep this short because I'm a tad tired. I ended up riding roughly 700 miles today, including a warning from a very nice police officer just outside Moab Utah.

    Very pretty riding at the end, in southeastern Utah... Moab and Canyonlands country.
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  3. I'm there! Got to Cortez last night. I'm hoping to do some riding in the next few days, maybe Thursday doing a Durango to Telluride loop. There are a lot of great roads here, really amazing scenery. Lots of traffic near Durango though!

    I'll try and post up some pics later.
  4. I haven't really had the time to figure out posting pics on this here iPad so I guess they'll have to wait until I return to PDX.

    Yesterday I did a loop, it's on the map, from Cortez up to Telluride, around to Ouray, Silverton, and back to Durango. The colors are unreal here right now, the roads were good, and the weather was great although a little windy. Traffic was a bit of a pain but the view was so spectacular I was ok with that. The state highway from Ouray to Durango is called the million dollar highway for a reason. It's high, steep, tightly winding up the mountain sides, and incredible. Speed limits are 25 for a fair amount of it, which was a little excruciating at times, but again the view made up for it. Plus, that view distracted enough most likely that slow was just fine with me!

    I'm planning on rocketing out of here interest in being here is spent and I'm ready to come home. Now I just need to figure out a route. Part of me wants to take the fastest way back but that means 900 miles plus of slab. Yuck.
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