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Ron Jeremy at EWU!

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Guff, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Just got the word that the legendary Ron Jeremy will be at the EWU campus Feb. 16th! I'll post more as I find out about it.

  2. I wonder what he will talk about?

  3. who is this??
  4. Badoogas

    Badoogas Travis Pastrana Stunt Double

  5. Um...what will he be doing in Cheney?

    (OK I'll beat someone to it- Someones mom? Sister? brother?)
  6. 820320RR

    820320RR Rub me, I sparkle!

    He is the new host of girls gone wild.
  7. i went and saw him when he spoke. hes actually a really smart guy he has a degree in business and a degree in special education. he spoke about the whole freedom of speech and how it relates to the adult film industry. i was actually pretty impressed. he brought out some pretty insightfull statements that made you go "hmmmm"
  8. I met him once while I was standing in line at Universal Studios waiting to get into the T3 ride. I was with the owner of my company and my boss, Luckily it was the owner of the company who noticed him first and not me, so at least I didnt have to explain how I knew who he was :)
  9. campus was a pain that day, thats all i can remember.

    What about the guy who came that was against america and everything? Anyone remember who I am talking about, towards the end of the year? Snipers on the roof top and cops galor, sucked
  10. Having a racing hero I can understand...
  11. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    As far as I know he is/was only coming the one time, and it's already happened. It was a really informative event. Only problem was that if you didn't get into where he was actually speaking, you were herded into small rooms equiped with audio only... Would have been nice to have the visual feed as well but better than nothing I guess. At the end, I even managed to get my picture taken with him without having to wait too long. :mrgreen:

  12. UH....what kind of picture? crackup: :scared crackup:
  13. You are on a computer 24/7 and you dont know who he is!? AGH! I'ms uprised that EWU actually let him within the campus bubble let alone ON campus! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
  14. Ron Jeremy entered into the adult entertainment world at an early age in the movie "Deep Throat". He is living proof that all men are NOT created equal (Listen up girls)

    The low point in his movie career was a move called "Fat Liners". Made with huge women. I'm not talking fat women but huge fat women in excess of 450 pounds. I think Ron would agree on that point?

    He along with John Holmes was the porn legends of the 70's & 80's.
  15. lol seem to be experienced and knowledgable about the 70s and 80's VHS releases ugh scoot?
  16. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Funny, not one chick has commented.
    Honda Hottie, if it does, wont count.
    Right OAK?
  17. tedg04

    tedg04 ted sux

    WTF? Who had to dig this up?
  18. The man the mystery the legend.

    Plus, hell its ur school you should be laughin it up!