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Ro's Cascade AKA: Galen's Camping Trip without Galen

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by FeralRdr, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. So a few of us decided to take a last minute camping trip down to the Aufderheide and ended up also hitting the Old Mckenzie Pass HWY as well as Hwy 20 and Quartzville Road.

    Hwy 224/Breitenbush Road

    Uh well, ummm, well the uh.... the pavement lies.



    Dee wright Observatory (Old McKenzie Pass Hwy)


    Yeah, we were surprised that Pete (Olddane) was so close.

    Matt and Ro

    Where we pitched camp and made FIRE (Aufderheide drive)




    Where we actually slept (Oakridge)

    Where we actually drank beer

    RO: Cleansing his soul after having rode bitch on the back of a Harley.

    All better now. Born again Motard. Can I get a 'So Say We All' in the house.

    John showing off his mad picture taking skills.

    Over all we had a great time. Good company and excellent roads. We will definitely have to do this ride again.
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  2. Looks like funnnnn. I am getting more and more stoked for my trip in September!

  3. That was one good trip! Thanks for coming…I’ll have to fetch up some photos and post em soon Greg.
    That Harley ride ….what Harley ride? LOL

  4. Stayed there for a night back in June on the way to Weaverville, CA. It's a nice place to stop at the end of a long day's ride............................I will return.
  5. +1 Pics or it didn't happen, you know that Greg.
  6. I was really taken by how comforty and clean that place was......let's do a road trip when you are down this side Mike....:mrgreen:

    PIR sometime?
  7. Did you talk with the owners much?? We ended up an hour behind schedule after having strawberries with breakfast from their patch and listening to stories............crackup: I'll be hanging out in John Day the weekend of Sept. 22nd/23rd. I hear there's good riding out there. :mrgreen:

    PIR you ask?? I plan to be there 10/5..........................hoping for good weather.
  8. Why yes we did. Miss Elizabeth gave us a helping unload furniture discount on the extra bed. 8)
  9. Great Vids John. Oooooh how I wanna ride that again. :evil4:
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