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Route Needed, PDX>Redwoods>Crater Lake>PDX

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by markmc90, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. I need help with some route planning. First week in August I'll be heading out for 4 days and plan to make it to the Redwoods and Crater Lake. Anyone that can suggest good routes or interesting things to see I'd appreciate it. I'll be on my FZ1.
  2. Take a look here.

    Each balloon is a ride report. Click it and you'll get detailed info on the route including some pic's. Don't know how far down the Cali coast you plan to go, but from 101 go east on Hwy 299 to Hwy 96, then north to Happy Camp, then Happy Camp to Hwy 99 in Oregon is one suggestion. Another is east from 101 go east on Hwy 36, then follow Hwy 3 north. Mt Lasson east of Redding California is also a nice area to check out.
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  3. Which ever way you go... TAKE 36!!! :) You will not regret it.
  4. I think my biggest concern is getting down to California from Portland without taking I-5. I'm afraid the coast will be too slow with all the little towns along the way.
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  6. That looks like a great route for the trip home from Redwoods through Crater Lake and back to PDX! Now I just need to find a good way to the Redwoods. How bad will the coast be? I have a friend from Georgia coming with me who has never seen the Pacific, so I thought it would be neat for him, but I don't want a long boring day either!
  7. Just curious, are you talking the 30th-3rd ish, or the 6-10th? I have a goal of riding down there this summer and wanting to do it soon. 3 might be a crowd, but let me know if you're open to another rider tagging along.
  8. We'll be leaving the 3rd and should be back in town on the 6th. I wouldn't mind another rider for part of the trip. Unfortunately my buddy on his cruiser will be slowing us down though!
  9. Ok, I have to be back in town early morning on the 6th and don't like riding during the weekends due to traffic. Thank you anyway! Be safe and have fun!
  10. +1

    That's exactly what I was going to suggest. I've ridden this route many times and it's nice. The Redwoods effectively start on US199 perhaps 3/4 of the way between Grants Pass and Crescent City. The first time I ever rode 199 I remember encountering a "smaller" redwood around the middle of a LH corner. The edge of this approximate 5' circumfrance trunk (that's a small one!) was hugging the fogline...I was a bit startled by the sight. Stay sharp! Just continue south on 101 from Crescent City, as you're well into the Redwoods by then, and it's an entertaining road too.

    I definitely concur with doing a run east on CA 36 from 101; this is a road the more than lives up it's hype as perhaps the best twisty road in the state, at least on the side W of I-5. Except for a nice stretch on a mountain pass, the portion east of I-5 is boring & straight all the way to where it connects to 395, Susanville IIRC.
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  11. Did this trip 2 years ago. Avenue of the Giants is an awesome road. 35 miles of perfect pavement, well marked corner speeds, and cars that moved over right away to let us pass. Also, Aufderheide scenic ride from north out of Westfir was great.,+OR&daddr=45.19908,-123.89522+to:Brookings,+OR+to:41.389416,-124.018412+to:40.44608,-124.00113+to:40.408484,-123.9542601+to:40.3783099,-123.9252744+to:40.320687,-123.9272895+to:40.23766,-123.82408+to:phillipsville,+CA+to:Crescent+City,+CA+to:Crater+Lake+National+Park,+Klamath,+OR+to:43.88446,-122.36553+to:Aufderheide+Drive,+OR+to:44.70238,-122.08106+to:45.0226,-122.016+to:portland,+OR&hl=en&ll=43.715535,-123.442383&spn=4.501976,8.887939&sll=44.784759,-122.295685&sspn=0.552653,1.110992&geocode=FfyhtgIdERyw-CkndKl9CwuVVDGRhdH25rk2HA%3BFeiusQIdTIKd-CmbBQtxOMPqVDGlJbpwRZXC3Q%3BFQOsgQIdspOX-CkXQ39SCKXaVDGfevQAYkezsQ%3BFWiNdwIdFKGb-CnJlUBrIQHRVDECp_7mKTtQ7Q%3BFYAoaQIdluSb-ClXMMppL27UVDELenNT0RYAeg%3BFaSVaAIdrJuc-Cn9H6YDUGXUVDH8KsseNPzZVg%3BFcUfaAId5gyd-CnxW_NWw2TUVDG3oiAPjSBHVA%3BFa8-ZwIdBwWd-Cn_LAery2PUVDF3-fOmd8fG7Q%3BFVz6ZQIdMJie-Cl_RquATYnUVDFwxRL6dAMPxw%3BFQ6LZQIdtiyf-CmXgfik2I3UVDGi_Q5q1uTbcQ%3BFSwlfQId7dSY-CnbiGJcN2bQVDEu5nVzsJrodg%3BFTGIjwIdeSi4-CGj4y9F4fIrkCk54-VACBfGVDGj4y9F4fIrkA%3BFayfnQIdptm0-ClXqQNR1zTHVDG3g35Z3BBaQA%3BFcQAoQIdesS2-Cn_xEZmcqXAVDF7hymSVgZytg%3BFawaqgId3DC5-CmLTGRoRqG_VDEHRxVWwmoKuQ%3BFYj9rgIdAC-6-Ck_kUk2IzW-VDGt1rG9qyPMWw%3BFfyhtgIdERyw-CkndKl9CwuVVDGRhdH25rk2HA&oq=aufder&mra=dpe&mrsp=15&sz=10&via=1,3,4,5,6,7,8,12,14,15&t=m&z=7
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