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Sabre Fairing

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by eseeray26, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. AFter the install of my new to me fairing, today was the fist real test as I rode through a few spots of heavy rain on my way into work this morning. I arrived mostly dry and warm :mfclap: thanks again Kirk
  2. so lets see a pic of the fairing on the bike...

  3. I tried riding in the rain the other day. My fairing seems to dump the wind right in my eyes. Keeps my body dry, but I couldn't even keep my eyes open!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. mines the same thing but in black with a corbin seat. but yeah it does help out a lot with keeping u dry..
  6. No problem,Reese,I'm glad you're enjoying it...

    Well,Justin,I sold Reese both the Sabre he rides,and the fairing...

    This is the one my G/F Cindy rides:

    And this is the reason I gave her the Baby Sabre,that and she needed to ride something a little larger than she was riding...


    Now,I have an ST1100,so I'm afraid the Big Sabre will just sit and rot now...:(
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  7. nice bikes, my dad went from the v45 to the v65 then to a st1300... he loves his bike. i just got mine 4 months ago and rebuilt it so i can ride before winter hit, i will be repainting and cleaning mine up come dec time. im not sure if u know about a site called v4hondabbs or not but its a good site for v4s too. just to let u know.. well take it easy and catch ya around..
  8. I've been a member of V4HondaBBS for over 2 years now,I was also a SabMag member before it became a read-only archive site...

    That's my ST in the background of Reeses photo above...Not sure if I'll eventually get an ST1300 or not,after reading of the differences on the STOC site I'll probably stay where I am bike-wise...

    However,one of the great unsolved mysteries of the Honda engineers is that why,in 1984,the larger Hondas(Goldwing,V65 Sabre/Magna,etc.)had 6 speed trannys,digital gear indicators,and air-adjustable front and rear suspension,but the newer-than-that ST series has none of those features...Go figure...I'd love an extra gear and air adjustments on my ST,at least...:scratchea
  9. didnt know that the st didnt have those items... one day i will get an st1300 my dad has a red one and i want black or silver. well got soccer practice got to run but look me me on v4 sometime when ur on.. same sc name.
  10. cascaderider

    cascaderider Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, didn't realize you only had a 5 speed tranny, Kirk. :/
  11. He had me at the air adjustable suspension, I like that!
  12. Don't forget the adjustable anti-dive on the front forks. :mfclap:

    I bought a new V-65 Sabre back in '84. I ordered the fairing and hard saddlebags for it. My bike was the silver and black, after the fairing arrived I dropped the bike off to have it installed. When I went to pick it up they had ordered the red and black fairing. Instead of reordering the right color fairing they had installed the red one. I guess the boneheads thought I wouldn't notice. :tard:

    Oh and I had paid for the fairing and hard saddlebags when I bought the bike. After waiting for about a year for the hard saddlebags which they never did produce the dealer didn't want to refund the money I had paid for the saddlebags. Seems stupid that Honda had listed the saddlebags and had a price for them, but then never made them.

    The bike was nice when it ran. But replacing the pitted cams every 20K miles sucked. And when they had stamped out the frame a piece of metal stayed inside the frame tube that returned the coolant. That piece of metal made it to the water pump and broke the impellor shaft. The dealer kept telling me that it was normal for the temp guage to remain in the red. I finally got the owner of the dealership to ride the thing. He had on his dress shoes so his ankles where exposed. He came back and had blisters on his ankles the motor was so hot. That finally convinced him that something was wrong. Well, no shit. They fixed the water pump but the damage had already been done by the heat. The bike was a maintenance nightmare after that. By 45K miles it was a pile of junk.
  13. Nice addition to your bike, Reese. Should help out on your freeway commute, buckin' those headwinds.