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Safe leaving a bike at SeaTac for a few days?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by EvilGilligan, May 18, 2013.

  1. going on a trip soon and was thinking about taking my bike to the airport. I've parked there before for a few hours, but never overnight. Anyone have any stories / concerns? Seems it would be harder to steal a motorcycle from there with all of the heightened security. I could park close to the elevators for visibility.

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    Other options is to park at the local park and fly's. The security is a bit better as it's usually in a locked/fenced facility. They will even give you a ride to and from the airport.

    Another or, pending trust from someone you don't know, and your flight times...can always store your bike and get a ride. I'd offer a spot in the garage/house, but I'm about 20 miles from SeaTac..and I work graveyard.
    (Sometimes I just try to be too nice a guy..:roll:)

  3. As long as there are no more fires it should be fine. The only way some one could steal it from there was if they had a big can and a couple guys. But i doubt anyone would be so stupid. Cameras every where along with security and people walking around.

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  4. Parking is like $30 per day, and you gotta figure out what to do with your gear at the airport. The bus is $2.50 each way.

    It takes 4 guys to lift a bike, or 1 to roll it. It freaks me out to leave cars there.

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    Ha!ha!ha!hahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh!
    Take a Taxi, NOOB!
    It's cheaper than the deductable.
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  6. dizzle

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    I live in Newcastle and have room to store your bike in a secure garage. I'll even chain it up to the cement pole and put a cover on it. On top of all this, I will even give you a ride to the airport and pick you up and take you back to your bike.

    Cost: your peace of mind. PM me if you're interested.
  7. Motorcycles used to be able to park for free. Just enter where all of the taxis go in and there are spots there.
  8. Damn, this is a nice guy!
  9. Some more background:
    • I travel frequently for business and usually have a town car take me to/from the airport; if i am on company time i don't personally assume any of the risk of travelling during the wee hours necessary for business travel and I can actually get work done during the 45 min ride.
    • We have a small army of kids so the weekend is full of soccer games and activities, so I didn't want to ask my wife to take me.
    • I did notice the free parking for bikes just past the taxi stand, and so the gears started turning: what better way to begin and end a trip than with a cleansing ride on my favorite toy!
    • I have locking luggage that can hold my helmet, boots, and 'stitch, so I don't need to fly with it.
    • I bring a single carryon for trips under 5 days, and it fits on the pillion spot with a bungie quite safely and securely.

    So my calculus of fun + free + convenient = great idea, as long as the risk is low.
  10. I'm just over in burien, you are free to use my garage if you wish, I'm about 5minutes from the airport.
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    Apparently you have failed to read any of the stolen bike threads posted by members who have had bikes stolen from locked garages. Locked storage units, locked trailers, heavy chains cut...AJ :scratchea
  12. Damn dude you woke up in a good mood today.. lol

    He tries.. Rep sent for him
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  13. I started out with a specific search of motorcycles stolen from SeaTac airport parking, then widened it to SeaTac area. Nada.

    You are correct: I have failed to read the stolen bike threads. I spend little time on the forums, See "travel for business" and "house full of kids" above.

    I came here asking for insight and information. I've been surprised and humbled by the posts of folks offering a parking space and a ride.

    I'm disappointed by posts like yours and Jim's. Condescending, mocking, and generally insulting, you haven't helped - you've alluded to incidents but haven't helped me scope out the risk. I was expecting a response like "I have heard of 3 bikes stolen or vandalized from SeaTac airport parking ... don't do it!"; "My buddy did and whoa! It was terrible!" or "never heard of a single bike poached from there ... go for it".

    Somehow I've managed to buy houses, raise children, advance in my career, and buy nice bikes, but I am incapable of understanding the threat of bike theft. Regardless of my 13 years of motorcycling and tens of thousands of miles I still rank "noob". So be it.

    Since I don't think the risk I posed equals riding in a speedo or asking how best to do wheelies in the parking lot of a police station I'd appreciate respectful, informative data. If you're incapable of that then best to refrain from posting.
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    There's garage space at my house in the Renton Highlands if needed as well. 10min from the airport.
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    I see a lot of bikes parked at SeaTac around the clock. I have always assumed they belong to people who work at the airport. They seem to be on level 3 by parking/hotel shuttle drop off. I've seen a bike take the authorized vehicle only exit and kind of duck off to the left.

    I am not sure but I don't think they pay anything, and there are usually quite a few bikes there.
  16. :shock: crackup: crackup: crackup:

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    Huh, you seem a tad defensive. I suppose my cynicism comes from 62 years of interesting experiences. There are many helpful folks on here, and their offers are most generous. Be thankful they offered help to the clueless...AJ
  18. There is a write up about Parking a bike at Seatac over at ADV

    Important parts of that thread (the posts are from 2012)

    "I work at the airport and I park there four nights a week year round and yes its designated for airport employees. There are actually two spots for motorcycle parking. If you are riding like you are going to baggage claim or "arriving passengers" stay in the far left lane and make the left right under the HUGE Toyota advertisement. Its the way the taxis, limos, and shuttles go. You will see bike parking right there where you enter. If you ride passed the first parking area there is another one just down the way on the right as well. Parking is free and its not monitored by the port, police or anyone else. You don't need a sticker or pass or anything like that. Its pretty much monitered by the riders. I see all kinds of different bikes there, BMW's, KTM's (one with a ADV sticker), Ducatis, a few Triumphs, Harleys, you name it...even a Ural. If you leave your bike there overnight or even a few days its not an issue as lots of pilots park there for extended periods. I have never had or heard of any problems parking there."


    I worked at Seatac for about a year and a half and called to reconfirm monday since it's been 6 months since I've been up there.
    The area in the "island" by the elevators on the north and south end are still free, just follow in the taxi's and hotel shuttle busses in where it says AUTHORIZED VEHICLES ONLY. Park on the concrete not the tile by the elevators. The south end usually has much more room espically in the summer time.Dont pull a ticket at the arm w/ the rest of the cages
    I would see guys leave their aerostitch suits and helmets on their bikes all the time, so it's secure. POS cameras have that place well covered. ( but you'll never catch me doing that)"

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  19. +1 crackup:

    +1 :ROTFLMAO:
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  20. You're reply wasn't too bad but I will point being helpful is saying, "Hey, there is a lot of theft there, I wouldn't risk it. You're better off taking a taxi." rather than being mocking and insulting about it.

    He wasn't asking anything that was so ridiculous it was worthy of just being a jerk about it. And just quoting to agree on to the person who is being a bit childish to agree doesn't make you look better (better off just posting a fresh reply than bringing up mocking post again).