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Salishan area...

Discussion in 'Westside' started by mjn, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Tacoma... South of I-5, off E Portland ave.

    How bad an area is this??

    My dad is working security in Salishan today...they called him in to boot a bunch of sqatters living in old houses that are slated to be torn down....

    He can be such a freakin cowboy, I worry about him sometimes....
  2. Not sure about the area, but I'll give you a bump.

  3. It's not one of the better places to live in Tacoma.
  4. I remember back in 1996 I hung out there a lot.. Not a very nice place.
  5. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    That is kind of what I gather.....
  6. I think its Cambodian New Year too or was. Is he going to be there over night or just during the day?
  7. Bad place. Tell him to watch out for the Bald-Headed Murphy
  8. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    He used to work nights there...did it for quite awhile. He got a better gig, with much less "action" with prodding from his wife.

    But they liked his results so well, they asked him to come back for a day or two. I believe he is just there for a day or so... He just called me before I posted this. Sounded like a friggin kid in a candy store. Said he was havin' "fun". Don't get me wrong...he may be 70 yrs old, but he can definitley take care of himself. He is armed to the teeth. Just hope he doesn't get ventilated...

    Crazy old fart.
  9. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    :happy: Not sure who Bald-Headed Murphy is...but unless he's got help, I'm pretty sure the old fart can handle him...
  10. RVFR

    RVFR Pilot in Command

    You can sure say that..:shock: :scared
  11. Bald Headed Murphy is a fictional character the parents of Shalishan made up to keep their children out of the gulch that ran parrallel to Roosevelt ST. I dreaded him growing up. The area is/was not THAT bad, but being armed is never a bad idea in today's day and age.
  12. T

    T ~T

    If the area you are talking about is from Portland Avenue starting at I-5 up to 72nd. We use to call it the "Gauntlet" Pretty run down until you get to the area that they rebuilt the Public housing and then it is hit and miss. Huge public housing area. There have been shootings at some of the local businesses, drug dealing. Not an area that I would ever want to be broke down in. Does he carry?
  13. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Yea. Every day. He has to qualify at the PD range. I think he shot a 286 with his revolver the last time out... Crazy bugger still doesn't carry an auto..
  14. haha...i love grandpas...they are great. :mfclap:
  15. I lived down the street from there in the early 90's ...Not a nice place. Shootings a couple times a week. Don't know how much it's changed over the years but I'd bet not much.
  16. Bald headed Murphy was not a fictional character and its not 1 person there are, or were many of them. My grandma and my mom and my stepdad have all told me story's about the bald headed toothless Murphy kids that they went to school with from the east side of Tacoma. They exist.
  17. lived in salishan since the rebuild in 2006. Not that bad of an area anymore. Tacoma housing has done a decent job of screening residents and kicking out problem people.

    Haven't seen bald headed Murphy yet. Of course, I live over by the gulch, and I happen to be bald. Maybe I'm the new Murphy and don't know it. But i have all my teeth
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