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Santana Bike Presentation This Saturdaym May 18!

Discussion in 'Central' started by james1300, May 13, 2013.

  1. :mfclap::mfclap::mrgreen::mfclap::mfclap:
  2. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

  3. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy Cone Head

    It was only a matter of time.

    Did better than some adults first time out!

  4. This thread puts a big lump in my throat. You folks are Angles, wish I coulda made the gig but I'm sure I'da cry'd like a baby, ya I said it.

    Make sure he keeps his toe's up, that thing is low. Be safe, Jimbo..
  5. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Woo hoo!

    Next stop motogp baby.

    Anouncer: and it's Ursua out front through the corkscrew... with two laps left to go here at the 2028 motogp at laguna seca.
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  6. [MENTION=23903]VegasWolf[/MENTION] shot this video. enjoy!

    oh, and that oversized kid looking hooligan thing on the bike is [MENTION=3332]uncle[/MENTION]. and here he was worrying that he wouldn't get his shot at internet fame... :nana
  7. and just in case anyone is concerned about Santana's lack of screeching and jumping up and down... the shock of it all damn near put him in a coma. rest assured, he wore his gear the rest of the day and left talking about all of the big-air tricks he's planning on busting out. based on a few of the videos of him riding around that were posted, he was just overwhelmed by it all. and, of course, all of us adults being in full stoke didn't help take the pressure off of the little dude, either.

    thanks again to everyone. what a win.
  8. great to post that up, Riceman.

    As we geared up to ride away he came and hugged a thank you...
  9. Anyone still on here know who the original owner of this bike was? Who rad the rider who feet.but us the title? PM me please.