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Sat. 4/23 Ride

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by stone, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. Starting point Roundy's
    9 mile area
    Quick repair job by hunters
    quick stop in hunters until the rain hit
    A local bar in springdale
  2. Nice pics, and good meeting some more of ya before the ride took off. Did ya make it back before the rain hit?

  3. Not on saturday I was soaked
    but it was still fun :)
  4. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    Hey Stone do you have the pic of the sign that said great big waitresses?
  5. Its the last one on here, you have to scroll to the right
  6. Did anyone notice the house RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROAD where you were stunting?

    You guys better watch your asses and get some good lawyers.

    Find places that arent crossing driveways, near to homes where kids/pets/people can walk into the roadway and take you out (let alone you kill them). Go where there arent any houses, and even fewer phones to call the cops. All that place is gonna do is get me nicked for riding to work every day and get harassed by the cops daily.

    BTW, between francis and assembly, ninemile and suncrest, I know of no less than 3 state patrolmen and 10 city cops, who knows how many SCSO that all live in this corridor.

    Watch yourselves

  7. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    All right there Smart ass. U werent there, u dont know what was going on. JUst cause of 2 pictures doesn't mean we were all stunting. Just a couple of guys got tired of waiting for others and started playing for a minute.

    Now Fighterama, u are getting really annoying, because u are always staying stupid Sh#t!! Like we didn't notice the house. Yes we did. We know the risk. So I dont understand why u have be so dumb to keep reminding people of this stupid sh#t all the time.

    Say something positive dude. Like cool wheelie, just be careful. U know something like that.
  8. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    On another subject, I wonder who's bike everyonr is standing around!! The one with a quick repair job?
  9. Those are some pretty harsh words for someone simply trying to keep safety first. I don't think I've EVER gotten after someone because they were thinking of safety first. You must have NEVER seen a bad accident where innocent people are hurt because of the poor choices of others. I'm actually embarrassed to be on the same boards as someone like you who would knock someone for caring about the safety of other people! What don't you understand about the physics of a 400lb motorcycle crashing into someone or something at 75mph?? There is a reason I do all my stunts on private land. All you are doing is creating a bad name for yourself. You may think it's cool to act tough and insult good people on the internet but it's not...not at all.
    Fighterama, I'll apologize for him, we all like playing around on motorcycles but as mentioned a thousand times before...there is a time and a place! That's what separates people like fighterama from a squid...knowing the time...and knowing the place. I don't know why I just wasted the last 4 minutes of my life trying to get across a point that will never be understood, but hopefully someone will read this and take something positive away from it. :roll:
  10. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    you just totally got my respect, dude. :thumblef: :cheers: :thumbrig: :hello1:
  11. I agree totally. Stunting is great but there is a time and place for it. Im all for pulling the front end up now and then. That said I only do stunts where there is no chance of danger to others, and minimal risk to myself. Near a home or other cars is dangerous, and only serves to give a bad rep to bikes.

    By the way cool wheelie just do it in the right place next time.
  12. Ok, its obvious I need to state my point in a different light...

    For those of you who dont know me (and it was my intention to leave my normal life out of the site but I have no choice now). Im a firefighter/paramedic for the city of Spokane. My job is trauma. I scrape up the wads of flesh left by stupid people doing stupid shite. Ive been to accidents involving bikes, ive been to accidents involving slow moving vehicles with all 4 tires on the ground and the brakes working 100% that still ended a life. Alot of you who ride with me hear me constantly say "its my day off, I dont wanna work" when a wreck or something happens near me. I HATE TO SEE MY FRIENDS CRASH. Ive been through it, and I know how it feels. I also dont like seeing an innocent person hurt by the actions of drunk drivers, people with no common sense, or risk factors that could have been avoided. This is what I do day in, and day out (in fact as most of you read this, I will be on shift). Im not alone. Bert is also a firefighter, and feels as I do. Johnny-B is a nurse, and also feels as I do. We have see the person in the right who was wronged, and we want to prevent that.

    Yes, I am a smartass. No I dont care if someone doesnt like me because of my opinions (which are many and vocal). Im not afraid of telling people precisely how it is. Such is life.

    Matt, I have no issue with you as a person. Ive ridden with you, and although youve been at it longer than I have, you still make unsafe decisions. I make no claim to be a better rider or better stunter than anyone on the board, but I will always, ALWAYS make sure that whomever I ride with comes home safely and had a good time. I am practicing stunting just like everyone else, but I pick and choose my places. Oh, and the second issue with the location... I ride the rez ALOT, and I dont want to have cops swarming every bike that makes its way out, we have worked long and hard to prevent that image, and I dont want to get it back over a couple stupid incidents.

    Again, If anyone feels Im out of line, please let me know, Im more than happy to talk about anything and everything that I have said, whether you like it or not.

  13. Just lost some MAJOR points bro, that's just F*cked-Up to talk to a fellow rider like that. Especially someone like Eric who NEVER insults other people. Hope you feel better about yourself after a post like that. :?
  14. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    U guys are all pretty funny! I might of come out a little harsh, just so many little things added up into one big explosion, I do appologize Eric!

    But to try and reword the point I was trying to tell.

    Out of the 26 or so of us riders, there about three people playing around. Their where no cars, or people around. If there where cars or people I highly dowt those select few would be doing what they where doing.

    Eric, I understand the safety issue, that is why I was not one of the three playing. My point, it just seems to me, that every time I see A post come from you, it seems to always have some kind of safety or negetive aspect in it. Safety yes, I understand. But have to point something out like the house, we all saw that.

    And I dont really understand why that got me so upset. Sorry.

    Oh ya, we weren't on the rez yet.

    Eric, and johny-b! I enjoy riding with ya too. I have no problems with either of ya. All i really wanted to say, is just be a little more selective.

    Hope you can get this Saturday off and go riding this time Eric.
  15. I totally understand matt, my only concern with how you said Eric is ALWAYS pointing out how unsafe this is and that is...maybe there's a trend here that is going un-noticed in where/how you/your riding buddies choose to ride. There are obviously two very different riding styles going on. I don't remember anyone really getting bent over the wheelie pics from our other site. But we also didn't terrorize downtown spokane and main roads (not saying you do either, just making my point). I don't know, I just think safety is priority for the majority of the people on this site, BUT, not the priority for everyone.
  16. sorry to cause a conflict I just thought they were cool pictures.
  17. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    I totally understand ya Johny-B. There is two riding groups, I have noticed it as well. I try not to play to much in the city, But sometimes u just gots to do it.

    On the safety issue, u can never have to much safety/awareness!! I didn't intend to hit Eric up on the safety side of things, just the obvious/abstract things. Thats all!

    i dont have a clue what I just said, but allright.

    Oh ya, everyone knows or rides with someone that does stupid stuff anytime anywhere. As long as I'm not the one, and keep my distance, I dont care what they do. If they wreck I will be far enough outta the way to avoid it. If there gonna do stunts, they should already know; at least I hope they know; the risk that comes along with.
    And like I have said numerous times, there is a time and place for everything.
  18. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    oh ya, and the pictures where excellent!
  19. Yes the pics are excellent!! Good job Stone. :thumbrig: Cool wheelies,just be careful :thumblef:

    Hey Jabstar17 did you get a new chain??
  20. Here's a tidbit..


    I think some were taking themselves a little too seriously if they think Im negative. Most who know me well can attest that Im a bullshitter by nature and have a tendency to take shots in gest. If you cant take a shot and laugh at yourself, your going to have one long, horrible, miserable life.

    Matt, no worries, you have your opinions, I have mine, whatev, thats what makes this country interesting. Im not going to change, so you can still plan on me taking shots at you, and anyone else. I will be a bitch about safety, like I said I want everyone to come home the same way they left.

    Your pics are great, always nice to see some images of trips, and on ocassion they will cause conflict. CONFLICT IS GOOD! Keeps life interesting, makes people talk, causes progression, stops stagnation.

    Gota call, chest pain, hasta~