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Saturday Morning Coffee 2010

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Bravura, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Saturday Morning Coffee 2010

    Between 9:00 & 10:ish
    Coffee Culture Annex
    2215 NW 9th Street
    Corvallis, 97330

    (the old Gramma Dama's Donuts building, right next door to Highland Bowl)


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  2. 09:30 like normal? Is anyone riding afterward this weekend?

  3. You should come up for the race on Sunday!
  4. Sunday's up in the air for me right now unfortunately. I won't know until later in the week whether or not I'm available. I'd love too tho. If I don't make this one, I'll probably come up for the next race.
  5. I like this new spot. :thumbrig:
  6. So is anyone planning on riding after coffee on Saturday? If not, I should change my plans around & ride on Sunday with Jackal & crew instead.
  7. I believe your coming to Bike Night tonight, it would be a good time to see who is riding Saturday. If your not there, I'll ask around for you. :secret:
  8. I cought some kinda cold or something running high fever and feel like crap so i will not be at coffee tomarrow hope im better soon , we get good weather to ride and now im sick sigh
  9. how was coffee this morning
  10. Another great turnout, the sun was shining, almost everyone rode in, making for a great bike show in the parking lot. We took over the big table again, I'm sure they appreciate the business. We discussed the GP ride(s) and race tomorrow, several rides for this summer were planned, oh and R1Jackal's story about his truck had us all in tears laughing. crackup: Ahh Jackal, too funny.
  11. crackup: :ROTFLMAO: +1
  12. Do folks no longer meet up at New Morning Bakery? They have good pastries ya know? And coffee... and good pastries too... in case I didn't mention that?

    Should be a nice Saturday...

  13. Nope, we moved,,,,,,again. Coffee Culture on 9th
  14. Nope, the downtown Farmer's Market starts this Saturday, April 17th and you don't want to be anywhere near the downtown core on a Saturday, let alone on a motorcycle. No way, no how....:angry7:

    We moved to Coffee Culture Annex on 9th street, beside Highland Bowl. See you there!!! welcome:

  15. i should make it this saturday but will not be able to stay long kids birthday is tomarrow but we are having his party on saturday at chucke cheese in springfield lol so have to get home and get the wife and kid ready to go lol they will not be up when i leave in moring..
  16. I'm going to try & make it this Saturday as well. I've got a short ride planned on Saturday but it doesn't start until around 1:00.
  17. I'm back from SoCal and I'll be there.
  18. Good... bring your engineering thinking cap with you...:scratchea I have a new speedo for the Concours and it will need to be mounted! Any thoughts and assistance would be appreciated.
  19. Are you riding the Conster in for coffee? Bring the fairing with you too.