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Saturday Morning Coffee 2010

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by Bravura, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Hardy fucking har.
  2. Wow, nobody’s touched this thread since October. “Bump” to the top……. :popcorn:

  3. Sounds like fun, I'll be there :ninja:
  4. When the Jackal offers you a bump... You take the bump!
  5. Is this event still happening?
    This Sat. Calls for good weather. My wife loves coffee. Would be a nice simple ride from Albany to Corvallis.
  6. Every Saturday. I'm planning on making it up this weekend as well.
  7. Ok.. then tentatively (weather permitting) my wife and I will both make it in.
    We will take an easy cruise into Corvallis from Albany... and then we will see what she wants to do from there.
    Be good to see you again.
  8. I gotta start getting up on Saturdays, and stop making such delicious coffee ar home. I'm really gonna try to make it. I think...
  9. Starting to warm up the bikes.... someone else better be there.... :rant
  10. :secret: Patience Grasshopper...
  11. Good to meet more new people. Had a good ride there and after...definitely will do that again. :mfclap:
  12. Wife had fun also?
  13. Indeed she did. We went for a trouble free 60 mile ride around the Philomath and Corvallis area after... 34 to Decker, Bellfountain, 99...
    Did the ride with myself, wife, plus old friend who will most likely be joining the local groups as well now.
  14. Please tell me I am not doomed to be "wife" in this group...
  15. Because this forum is public... and you didn't have a forum name yet.... real names were committed to protect the innocent (or guilty?).
  16. :secret: Not to worry - you'll always be my 7-Layer!!! :devil:
    I'm sure many others feel the same way crackup:
  17. bump...I'll be there in the morning.
  18. Turns out I like coffee, and lo and behold have tomorrow morning free. Anybody else planning to go?

  19. there should be several there tomorrow. I'm headed down to Eugene to check out the Doc Wong Clinic at WOBMW. Have a great time!
  20. Yeah, even in the depths of Winter...there are still about 8 - 10 of us there. I'll be at the clinic with Rick, but I know plenty others that plan to go to Coffee.