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Saturday Morning Coffee (SMC) 2014

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Saturday Morning Coffee (SMC) 2014 :mfclap:

    Every Saturday morning, meeting at:

    The Petite Province
    408 East 2nd Street
    The Dalles
    9 am to 10:30 am

    Calling all riding enthusiast that are interested in meeting fellow riders in the Columbia Gorge, join us for Saturday Morning Coffee. All are welcome to join; sport, adventure, cruisers, etc.

    Check the latest post for location changes & recent news :secret:
  2. Had a good turn out today.......three whole people crackup:

    Good talk about suspension, bike shows and the prolonged doom & gloom of the current gorge weather pattern. Somethings gotta give with the cloud cover ~ we're all going stir crazy :tard::evil4:

  3. Yep, this weather is the total shits...

    I was able to get out for a small loop this afternoon with the assistance of a heated jacket. Once I lost feeling in my legs I didn't even notice the cold!

    The roads are filthy, tires never got above freezing, and I was having a hell of a time being smooth around the curves, least I made it out!

    If the sun comes out, maybe I'll be able to ride to SMC next week.
  4. I have given out a total of 2 SMC cards out to acquaintances. They are very well received, and I thank Jackal for getting those made!

    Now, we'll see if anyone actually shows up!
  5. We shall see :mfclap:

    If the sun makes a showing this SMC, I might actually ride! :scratchea :shock:
  6. I'll have the Beta at SMC tomorrow. It'll be a good time to see what a real motorcycle looks like. Jessie, now's your chance!
  7. Uhm….forecast is showing those round shinny bright things in the sky for this weekend, I forget what they mean….. :tard:

    Who’s up for leading our motley crew into the 1st gravel packed, mossy lined corner, while going way too fast?! :shock:

    I vote Mel :thefinge:
  8. Another vote for Mel!

    I'll be living it up in Goldendale :(
  9. I'm planning on showing up for SMC this week as long as rain is not in the forecast. Hopefully, the other cruiser guy (Jon H.) will show up with his newly acquired Shadow 1100. :nana
  10. I'm out.

    Bike still out of commission. :x
  11. I was thinking of riding to klickitat. I heard the roads were actually decent. You have a road report [MENTION=26366]Rock Dodger[/MENTION]?
  12. SR142 between Lyle and Klickitat is in great shape. I'm not sure about NE (toward Goldendale), I haven't been out that way lately.

    Klickitat-Appleton Road is scary looking at the intersection with 142, huge amounts of gravel on the steep section leading to the intersection. It could be ride-able, but at low speeds. Newbs should avoid it.

    There's usually gravel on the Glenwood Hwy. this time of year, so "railing it' is out, but it can be ridden.

    The Centerville Hwy. has gravel, similar to the Glenwood Hwy.

    A few more weeks and everything should be clear of gravel, as usual.
  13. Ya know Matt ([MENTION=24202]Mrmat25[/MENTION]), you and Jenn could grab a few other miscreants from the PDX/'couve area and go out there with brooms and sweep the road for the rest of us. I myself, not being a miscreant, will gladly use my mad managerial skills and supervise you all from afar at The Dalles' SMC. ;-)
  14. I guess we will head west today.
  15. I missed the SMC today.....but after it warmed up, I left Goldendale and rode up Glenwood Highway to Trout Lake, and then down through BZ Korner to White Salmon on Hwy 141.....then over to Maryhill on 14...and up to Goldendale on 97.

    It was a fun ride but kind of windy at times. Overall, it was a great 120 mile ride, though.
  16. Quixote, Buffalo375 & I were the only ones that showed. After coffee we went & explored Rowena to see what kind of shape the curves were in, which weren’t real good, still has a lot of gravel in all the wrong places. Buffalo departed in Mosier for Hood River. Quixote & I returned to the Dalles area and explored pretty much all of the local favorites; roads are about ½ good & ½ not so good. Got to start breaking in some new gear and mentally started the list of a few tweaks that the bike needs. Managed to scuff the edges of the tires on a few good sections, felt good to be riding again. :evil4: :mrgreen:

    As one of my long lost friends would say “and so it begins…” firedevil:
  17. Since my SV is still "unhappy", I rode from Klickitat to Lyle and back on my bicycle; 26.5 miles round trip. There were tons of motorcycles on SR142, I mean a TON. I didn't see anyone doing "high intensity" riding, but there were large numbers of sport bikes out there, still greatly outnumbered by "cruisers".

    There was only one inconsiderate A__HOLE that passed me during the ride, a Harley guy with straight pipes that passed way too close, wide open, to attempt to blow my eardrums out. I was thinking about how pathetic this imbecile and his bike were. His bike wasn't fast, wouldn't handle well and it's only "attribute" was that it was obnoxiously loud. Great.

    Anyway, it was a terrific day to be out on two wheels, even the human powered kind!

    I can't wait to get my SV running again...
  18. Weather is looking real good this weekend :mfclap:

    Everyone pull the winter tarp off your bike & ride in for SMC :nana 8)
  19. Hey Jackal, I'll be at SMC this morning. Angie and Buttercup will probably be there too.:mfclap:
  20. hehehehehe.......Buttercup crackup: