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Saturday Morning Coffee (SMC) 2014

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Excellent turnout today! :mfclap: After a lively discussion & coffee, some headed south to explore familiar roads but most opted for the 3 hour local tour.

    GS was nowhere in sight, but just about everyone else from the local group showed :mrgreen:

    Great day, great little ride. Meet some new riders during the day ~ handed out all of my SMC cards. It's shaping up to be a great riding season.
    Below are some random pics...










  2. Ok it was a great day for Fossil...(is there ever a bad day for that ride?)

    Dunno if this pic below will show...From the Boyd Loop looking at Dufur and Mt Hood.

    I was going to take it easy since I didn't have Jackal to lead and show me how to do it...but of course that plan was soon abandoned when the curves proved very clean and the temp was giving me good tire grip...

    Being my first serious ride all year on my fairly recently swapped to GP shifting bike.....I pretty much ruined my worn rear tire by downshifting rather than up-shifting while going pretty fast...

    I was in my favorite section east of Clarno, doing maybe 70 or 80 in one of the "25mph" corners, with the bike at redline...14,000rpm...a straight section ahead so I stood the bike up on exit, and upshifted (like on a normal bike).... Being GP Pattern now with my 600, that brought me the next lowest gear, which immediately stopped the rear tire...for a second...I had the clutch back in in a heartbeat, with just a slight wiggle of my line... Scared me some and when I got in to Fossil....sure enough there was a big spot of cord showing right in the center of my Q-3.... That sort of slowed me up for the return trip...The sides of the tire were rideable, but running straight up it was quite rough, what with that flat spot...

    I certainly got my money's worth from that tire though...It was dumpster bound after this day's ride anyhow. I re-learned a lesson, too...Just because you've ridden bikes for what seems like hundreds of years, you still have to pay close attention, every time...and especially the first few rides in the spring...

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  3. No, there's never a bad day for Fossil :secret:

    Meet up with a new rider on a Duc 1199, said his name was Will & he heard of you. Seemed like a good fit; of course that's all we need, another seasoned rider on a high end sport bike firedevil: Better get my excuses ready for the Poh-Poh's crackup: :ROTFLMAO:
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  4. Thanks for the pics, Dawg!

    Long day but well worth it :nana
  5. You're welcome, Jackal. It was a fun ride through some beautiful country.vtr2: :drunk:
  6. :secret:
    Will just bought a SuperLegerra
  7. The 2014 Ducati 1199 SuperLeggera? and yes, I had to look that up.....
  8. SMC was nice this morning. Mike, Casey, Ron, & myself. Just as Mike and Casey were about to leave for the Poker Run in Maupin, I had to ask for their assistance to get my old klunker started. I had left the key in the ignition & in the "ON" position during our coffee-drinking escapade....and my battery was too drained to start the bike when I was ready to tear-off like a bagger.

    Sorry Guys! :banghead:
  9. My new ride: 2006 Suzuki Wee-Strom...

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  11. Great pics, Dawghunter! Definitely a "big dawg" ride going to Fields Station! Was that a dry lake bed in a couple of those pics?
  12. Yes, Rock Dodger, that was Alvord Lake (Alvord DRY Lake) in the background.

    That was a "big dawg" ride to Fields Station....but Quixote and I traveled enough miles yesterday (to/from Ukiah) to have made it to Fields Station again.
  13. I think I'll crash your party this weekend. Anyone want to ride to Mt St Helens after?
  14. I'm in for Melissa's ride tomorrow. Can't find my GoPro for the life of me. I think Mike will be there too.
  15. Lazyeye, I missed SMC this week. Did you make your ride up to Mt St. Helens? RockDodger and I went up to WindyRidge last weekend. It was a nice ride....we met at the 142/Glenwood Hwy intersection at 7am and rode up to Trout Lake and took 23 up towards Windy Ridge. I think I bee-bopped back into Goldendale about 3pm that afternoon.

    Me on my V-strom =====> vtr2:
  16. R1Jackal and Quixote, WHATZUP???? I did some local riding but missed riding with you guys this weekend.......

  17. We ended up going to Fossil. Y'all have some amazing roads up there.