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Saturday Morning Coffee (SMC) 2014

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. The ride consisted of:

    GS1200: Ducati Monster
    Lazyeye: Honda 600
    Mel: Triumph Daytona
    Quixote: Triumph Tiger
    Chris: HD Sportster

    We went to Fossil (no surprise), Shaniko, Antelope, Hard-on and Condon. Mike said we rode 325 miles. Two infractions were given. One for a rusty chain and one for a bald tire.

    I'd be nice to squeeze in one more longish ride this summer. Cathlemet possibly.
  2. I know tomorrow is not Saturday, and Holiday weekends can make it hard to get away, but Tomorrow (12/26) is my wife's birthday and we are planning on going for a ride (she is getting a pretty kick-ass helmet for her birthday). It will probably be a short ride, as my wife does not have the gear/ constitution for cold weather rides, but if anyone is interested in taking advantage of one of the few sunny days we have had recently, let me know. We can meet up for coffee, go for a ride and make my wife's birthday very special.

  3. Hey ZXXX,

    I hope you & yours were able to get out for a decent ride. That was some amazing weather today!
    Hopefully a few of us will make to coffee tomorrow. Hope to see you there.