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Saturday Morning Coffee (SMC) 2015

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Saturday Morning Coffee (SMC) 2015

    Typical meeting schedule:

    During the winter months (November thru April), 2nd & last Saturday morning of the month

    Riding season (May thru October), every Saturday morning

    Meeting at:

    The Petite Province
    408 East 2nd Street
    The Dalles
    9 am to 10:30 am

    Calling all riding enthusiast that are interested in meeting fellow riders in the Columbia Gorge, join us for Saturday Morning Coffee. All are welcome to join; sport, adventure, cruisers, etc.

    Check the latest post for location changes & recent news
  2. SMC tomorrow :mfclap:

    Who's in?! :scratchea

  3. I've been spending my spare time on clearing big oak trees from the back property and unless plans change, that's what I'm doing tomorrow. They've been shading the garden during the summer and I can't have THAT!! Besides it's going to be around 26* tomorrow morning up here, which is just a little brisk, even for a tough guy like me. crackup:

    I would love to see the resurrected R1... you were planning on RIDING to SMC, right? :evil4:
  4. Why yes, yes I am :secret: Maybe even roll around for a while. You know, when we walk out and look at the sky ~ looking for the clear patch :shock:
  5. I detect a disturbance in The Force:

    If you cut the number of Saturday coffees in half, you have to double the number of Bike Nights to balance the equation and conserve parity. I think there's a Feynman diagram that describes the quantum electrodynamics of it all.

    I propose that we meet for Bike Night on the Fridays before we don't meet for coffee the next morning. That makes everything symmetrical, and I don't have to deal with the whole hangover thing....

    [quietly returns to the tall grass....] :ninja:
  6. This makes complete sense to me, but I tend to back any idea that may, in some way, involve the consumption of beer.
  7. Its January, its cold, and for the 1st SMC of the new year I'm expecting nothing but dual sport bikes. And who shows?! two hard core sport bikes, brahahahahaha crackup:

    It was good to meet you ZXXX :mfclap: Nice looking ride too, just the bike I needed to help me break in the new engine. Quixote was kind enough to show too but failed in freeing his bike from the garage.

    A short ride afterwards. Felt good to be back on two wheels. So much so, that (after warming up at the house) I went out for a 2nd run :devil:

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  8. Glad to hear you did a second run. You definitely do not want to roll into spring with with an engine that is still being broken in. Pleasantly surprised at how clean 8 mile was. I will be there again in the near future. Any time you want to ride, let me know. It was/is nice to once again be around like minded people with poor decision making skills.

    Remember people, speed kills.
  9. Oh we got that with plenty to spare :tard:
  10. In the interest of including more Hood River riders; I met a guy who was (at the time) working at Double Mountain. Since then, he and his wife have taken ownership of The Crazy Pepper. I have not ridden with him, but I know that he owns a Duc and enjoys "brisk" and "spirited" riding. It might be worth a lunch trip to HR.
  11. Good tip. Definitely worth a trip to HR :mfclap:

    He's probably hibernating like the rest of us.....
  12. Weather doesn't look so good tomorrow but either way, I'm heading for SMC. It's going to be one of those - look out the window in the morning - day for the bike though.

    ZXXX ~ you showing up? Would love to hear all about the new gear that's on the way.....
  13. Jackal, I'm planning to be there tomorrow if you're going to be there. I thought you changed it to the 2nd Sat and last Sat of the month.

  14. Yes, but what the hell......
  15. I wasn't planning on it wasn't scheduled, but rain or shine (car or bike) I will be there.
  16. Also, Quixote really needs our emotional support as he looks toward buying a new KTM.
  17. Captain's log
    Star-date: zero one one seven two zero one five

    Enjoyed the conversation, coffee, and a blueberry muffin at SMC this morning. I am now committed to the infamous 5-day ride to Denio Junction, NV / Fields, OR (and back to Goldendale, WA) this summer.
  18. ...and now for a lazy afternoon of cleaning and treating leather while enjoying malt based adult beverages. At least that is my plan.