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Saturday Morning Coffee (SMC) 2015

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. SMC tomorrow! :mfclap:

    Who's in?!
  2. I'll be there, really! But early, maybe 8:15 or so. Ive been in real estate hell so I've been undependable lately. House should close in May then I'll have more free time and plenty of money for more bikes.

  3. Good little turnout for a cold & gray morning. Afterward, chased ZXXX through some corners while he was out of the wife's bike :mfclap:

    We parted company & I headed south in search for some sun. Never did find any. Points south were wet and getting wetter, and colder. Ran into areas of frosted vegetation along the roadway. Hands & feet were cold ~ turned around & headed home.

    Winter's cold grip is tightening, once again......
  4. Were you able to hear me laughing through the turns? That is the first time I have ridden her bike outside of town. I have to admit, it was ridiculously fun....I wouldnt give up th S1000 for it though.

    I think I mentioned this site at SMC.

    Even after paying for shipping, I'm finding boots $80=-$100 cheaper than I can find on any U.S. site. I guess we can take advantage of the continuing European recession. I have my ete on a set of Sidi ST, but should I go for the standard or the Air? Decisions...
  5. With luck, we will soon be welcoming a new Beemer to the family.
  6. So, who will be at SMC, who is going to The One instead and who is so whipped they will not be able to do either because it is Valentine's Day?
  7. 1st SMC, then a little whipping later :mfclap: :shock:
  8. Quixote, Jackal and myself were faced with a tough decision this morning. We could either continue to drink coffee while we sat around and stared at each other, or we could head to Fossil. Fossil won.
  9. So just out of curiosity, how fairs the roads out yonder?
  10. Roads are in surprisingly good shape. We weren't the only group making the Fossil run :mfclap:
  11. Thanks for the info Jackal. :tiphat:

    It's amazing just how good many of the roads currently are through out the region. Once Wamic Road is open and "cleanish", I might have to make a run out that way myself. :spoton:
  12. FeralRdr ~ to be a bit more specific, Hwy 218 from Fossil west to the 1st ridge has gravel in most of the corners but that's to be expected. The rest of the road to Antelope is clean. From Antelope to Shaniko, the lower portion is clean while the upper hard switchbacks are dirty with gravel. The Maupin curves up Bakeoven Rd are dirty (again expected) but the rest is clean. Hwy 206 from Condon to Wasco is clean.
  13. Reasonably sure I can count on two Triumphs and a BMW. Will anyone be showing up to destroy (or improve) our Euro-party?
  14. In, but I'll be on the wife's bike. R1 is back in Portland for more R&D.
  15. Did you get permission, or are you sneaking it out after she leaves?
  16. Actually, she caught wind of my evil plan. Now she's threatening to ride it to work crackup:

    I guess I'll know when I check the garage...... :shock:

  17. I'm out for this Saturday. I'll be helping a friend celebrate his birthday. Rest assured, there will be irresponsible behavior.
  18. Wow, this weekend's weather is looking real good! :mfclap:

    Guess I better hurry up and get those new brake pads on...... :scratchea
  19. Paradox: Bike Night and SMC. Which activity will prevail?

    As far as riding is concerned, I'm thinking Fossil, but maybe earlier than SMC departure time.... Not sure.

    What are The Dalles dudes considering?