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Saturday Morning Coffee (SMC) 2015

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. SMC was reported to be poorly attended today. R1J and Sugar Kitten were the only two in attendance. Too bad, it was a very nice day for some 55mph adventure. :evil4:

    Here's a pic of the bikes in Fossil, which was the destination of the SMC ride.


    The bike on the far end belongs to some old guy that was apparently lost near Sherar's Bridge who attempted to tag along with the rocketing twosome. 8)

    A good time was had by all. Too bad so many had to miss this stellar opportunity to ride!
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  2. This half of "the rocketing twosome" noticed that you only disappeared from my mirrors in areas where I might have been tossing a few rocks back at you. I really need to work on my "rocketing".

  3. Omg I love the Crazy Pepper.
    Felipe from Odell takes me there when I come ride dirt or pass thru omw to ORP.
    Will come over in April maybe for one of your events.
  4. ...and, now that it is sort of spring anyone planning a ride this Saturday? I could be talked into a Fossil...or something..
  5. I'm sure there will be a ride, but with the snow levels dropping, there is a good chance Fossil won't be in the mix....sanded roads. Last weeks survey crew said they were looking pretty rough then.
  6. I was through Fossil two days ago. Clean roads, all, except for the run down into the town....mud from the adjoining field gates had spoiled that surface..There is non-ethanol premium again in Condon, 20 miles North west of Fossil....Also, non-eth is sold in the station in Maupin and the general store in Tygh Valley....for those who don't ride Hondas...
  7. You must of stirred the pot Mr. Gnarly. SK & I ran south of town this morning and rode past the poh-pohs on three separate occasions. Of course, since we are upstanding citizens and obey all traffic laws, we didn't get a second glance 8) The weather didn't give us the day we were hoping for, cold air, cold tires :x
  8. I saw a group of riders gathered at the bridge on sr 14 in Lyle last looked like some of our SMC bunch....wazzit?
  9. SMC, then Sundays with the wife. The pace is much slower, but I get to enjoy the scenery a bit more.

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  10. It was good to meet you 04Gixxer600 :mfclap: You've got a sweet looking ride there! Maybe we'll see you around on future rides and events.

    Awesome turn out for SMC, we actually had to spill out into the front section of the cafe :mfclap: :shock:
  11. Thanks man, ya I'll try makin it to more things. Nice to meet you as well, maybe next time I'll get to check out the R1 I've heard so much about! SMC was fun as well!
  12. Who's in this Saturday? There will be no excuses for not riding this weekend (other than buying a new bike). The weather is going to be beautiful, the roads are remarkably clean and we all own motorcycles. We will all look like idiots if we are not making use of them.
  13. Fantastic.

    Pass or fail for Flaming Beans.

    Also, if Quixote doesn't buy that Gixxer, you should...then hide the keys until Beans repays you for it.
  14. I was hoping to get my tires put on the other day but the schedule didn't work out, rescheduled til tomorrow afternoon. I'll contemplate going for a ride in the morning before my afternoon tire change.
  15. SMC will be at Waters Edge tomorrow instead of Petite Province. If you are unsure of where that is, I suggest Google.
  16. Thanks for the heads up!

    An email to some of the regulars might be a good idea. Some don't frequent the forum.....
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  17. I emailed everyone I knew to email...or had an address for. There are many people on my riding email list that I am yet to meet. Help is always appreciated, I'm trying to take a little work off Jackal's shoulders. If you have an email list, feel free to share or forward. I'm only 3 months into this idiocy...