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Saturday Morning Coffee (SMC) 2015

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Also, Bike night is now every Friday night through the remainder of the 2015 Spring/Summer riding season...we had a vote... this bike night...on the third Friday...there was alcohol involved.
  2. Well, Waters Edge was a bad idea. They do not open until 10:00. The ride made up for everything though.

    Jackal was very excited about the road conditions...

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  3. Thinks again for riding about the most literal way that could be meant.
  4. Wow! Great turn out for SMC! and the ride....."Epic" :mfclap::devil:

    My poor tires are just melting away. Good to see and ride with some friends that I haven't see for awhile. :mfclap:

    My efforts to run sweep, well, total failure :x

    Some random pics...

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  5. ....Yes, the road was smooth, yes.....hmmmmmmmm :mrgreen:

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  6. Good ride today, just about perfect. Thanks, boys and girl.
  7. Thank you, Gnarly. After all the emails exchanged and stories I have heard, it was nice to finally meet you.
  8. New tires are on, anyone game for an afternoon ride tomorrow?
  9. Obligations for the parade tomorrow morning, is everyone still planning on SMC? I'd be game for a ride after the parade, weather permitting.
  10. I'm not sure ho's going this morning. The group has been pretty quiet. Due to the parade, we moved the venue to Starbucks though. As wet as it is, I doubt there will be too many riders.
  11. Riverenza is next on the list. Fairly central, motorcycle parking does not appear to be an issue and it is neither Starbucks nor La Petite Province.

    401 E 10th St, The Dalles, OR 97058

    If we don't care for this spot, we'll just move on to something new.

  12. Sounds good!
  13. This weekend's weather is looking real good :shock: :stir:

    SMC at Riverenza, right?
  14. Riverenza worked out very well, I would consider awarding it sprinkles, since it's a winner. :mrgreen: It was great to see the hard core members show up at "church". :evil4:

    As soon as I got home, I changed the oil in the trusty SV. It was due! Used Rotella T6 synthetic, as usual.

    I got to cut grass and "weed-eated" (weed-ate??) a lot this afternoon, til my hands got all tingly. Changing oil in the bike was more fun. :secret:
  15. Agreed. Riverenza may turn out to be a pretty solid option. I say we do it again next Saturday. I love that 4 people took up 3 tables without a single complaint.

    SMC may now stand for Saturday Motorcycle Church.
  16. :mfclap:
  17. Quick reminder: Riverenza. We are still going to Riverenza. Do not go anyplace other than Riverenza if you would like to meet up with the SMC Crew....Riverenza.

    401 E 10th ST. THE DALLES, OREGON
  18. Is anyone still planning on SMC?