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Saturday Morning Coffee (SMC) 2015

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Yep, we were there. Ran a short run to heat up the bike & tires :mfclap:
  2. Will anyone be showing up this weekend? I'm aware of plenty of people having lots'o plans, but not sure if any of them include SMC. For the record, if anyone else commitys I will show up for SMC, but will not be much to do this weekend. Driving the truck to coffee, then off to the local mega-box home improvement store.

  3. Is anyone doing SMC on 6th of June?
  4. guys. i am going to try and make it back this month. last weekend of june.
  5. Hey Filmguy,

    If you are looking for a group ride, June is not looking good. Between track days, road trips and planned maintenance days, the group looks to be pretty hit and miss until at least mid-July. You're always welcome to show up, but I can't guarantee an extended group ride.

  6. Hey!
    Are any of the SMC crew headed to ORP next weekend? Hope to see you guys there!
  7. That will make two of us. I'll be running on Sunday.
  8. See you there! I'm in for both days..
  9. So this new format is better?
    Hey Eric, hey Douglas....How was the track day(s) at ORP? Report? Pics? Vids? Wish I could have made it...
  10. Hi Gnarly!
    Not so sure about this format just yet.. ORP was awesome, a little crowded in the B group on Sat., but really thinned out by Sun. afternoon. Ran clockwise on Sat. and CCW on Sun. Had a chance to ride the sport touring bike in the morning sessions, what a hoot! Took a while to get the jitters out, but by Sun. afternoon was doing much better. Maybe see you out there in Aug...?
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  11. My wife tells me that a member of our riding group may have recently soiled his leathers. I'm hoping that person will be at SMC on the fourth to share the story.
  12. I wouldn't say soiled my shorts, but definitely expanded my riding experience. When you push the envelope you may break the boundaries from time to time. Had fun riding with Buffalo375, got lots of video.

    I'll be there for Bike Night & SMC. Ran around with Flamin Beans on his new ride today ~ didn't crash him in the 1st corner so we're all good!! Was hot-hot-hot though, may run around late in the evening tonight.
  13. Sooo...No ride, no time to ride or unsure of the ride, let's all get together for coffee and talk about our shared passion.

    401 E 10th St, The Dalles, OR 97058

  14. Hey all! Any of the SMC group headed to ORP this weekend? I'm signed up for both days and was hoping to see some of you out there!
  15. Missed another track day..Didn't have the spendable cash for tires and entry again this time...though I did have a nice ride to Fossil on Saturday afternoon...That road is in fine shape now with extensive smooth patching on the final descent into Fossil...Didn't test the grip of that, or any thing much else as I was riding in Tourist mode...
  16. Hi Gnarly!
    Sorry you couldn't make it out. If you are able to in the future, Sundays are a good day to go. The track really clears out in the afternoon as folks not living locally are getting a head start on returning home. Hope to ride with you soon, maybe even a Fossil run!
  17. SMC is still going on. We're meeting at:

    401 E 10th St, The Dalles

    Weather may be an issue tomorrow, I'll lookout the window in the AM (ha).
  18. Weather is looking good for tomorrow, who's in for a ride after SMC?

    401 E 10th St, The Dalles
  19. It lives....SMC at Riverenza this Saturday. They love seeing bikes lined up in front. Seriouisly, they really do.
  20. Still meeting for SMC? Still Riverenza?