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Saturday Morning Coffee

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Saturday Morning Coffee

    Let’s start the weekend off right, some java, a little bike conversation, hell maybe even a ride afterwards. See you there! :mfclap:

    9:30ish to when-ever
    Doppio Coffee & Lounge
    310 Oak Street
    Hood River, OR 97031

    9:00 am to 10ish
    Holstein’s Coffee Company
    811 East 3rd Street
    The Dalles,-121.170616&spn=0.021799,0.055575&z=15&iwloc=lyrftr:m,17711381068788527024,45.597645,-121.175476
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  2. I'll try and make it out, although I'm usually a 10:00 at Doppio in Hood River kind of guy.

  3. Well, there was two of us for coffee. Good to meet & talk with you James :mfclap: Afterwards & since the sun was still out, I rode solo south past Dufur & checked out Dufur Gap Road ~ meh, it’s not without charm but a nice distraction. At least I got some seat time and let the bike out to stretch her legs. Still bitterly cold though…… :scared
  4. Sorry I missed this...dang, I was lookin for something to do Saturday morning too lol. Will try and make it to the next pending of course! lol

    Looking forward to this spring and summer!! It's just around the corner!!
  5. I just had to echo that one.......just around the corner!!
  6. Alright Mel, here’s your chance. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and a bit warmer. I’ll be heading for coffee then maybe exploring some new (new to me) roads.

    The Dark Night was going to try to show but the last I heard he’ll be …….um……busy whips: crackup:
  7. BUGGER!! I forgot when we were talking, that I signed up for a writing's on Saturdays the next 4 weeks...10-12 in Hood River. As for tomorrow...god I'm dying to get out, but am already committed to helping Ron and Karla finish tiling the countertops in their kitchen after the class. Got most of it done today, just have the backsplash to do hmmm...depending on how late we can start a ride, maybe something is possible. I'd have to run back up to gdale to swap rigs though, as Kyla would be with me to start with. Lemme know...
  8. Change of plans, I'm in. See you there.
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  9. Had a good turn out this morning; Dark Night, Mel, James, hell, even meet someone new. Coffee was good too! :mrgreen:
  10. Sorry I couldn't stay and chat longer... and meet the other folks...hopefully sometime soon. :)
  11. For this weekend’s Saturday Morning Coffee I’m going to check out a new place, the Petite Provence, in The Dalles, 408 E. 2nd Street, 9:15ish. It’s French so they should have some good coffee……maybe :popcorn:
  12. Haven't tried their coffee yet...but everything else there is yummy. I'll squeeze in a few minutes to drop in again (hopefully a lil earlier for me this time). If the weather is decent...even been playing with the idea of riding there and to my class.
  13. Have fun Doug and Mel, I will have to miss this one. Last weekend for greenheads.
  14. Saturday Morning Coffee

    Starting the weekend off right, some good coffee, bike conversation and your best yarns; maybe even a ride afterward, well, when winter is over and the ice-gravel free roads re-appear. :mfclap:

    In The Dalles:
    The Petite Provence
    408 E. 2nd Street
    The Dalles

    9:30 am to ?

    In Hood River:
    Doppio Coffee & Lounge
    310 Oak Street
    Hood River

    10 am to ?
  15. The Petite Provence is an excellent choice for The Dalles, good coffee, yummy pastries and lots of seating.

    Thanks Mel for stopping by for some good conversation.
  16. yep...enjoyed the chat, and thanks again for the maintenance advice and links. Two more weeks and I'll be able to have more time and not have to rush out half way through my coffee.

    The afternoon was gorgeous, almost went out for a spin.
  17. Sa-weet!!! Forecast for Saturday has changed from 60% chance of precip down to 20% (which usually means wind...but oh well...better than rain). Low 50's for the highs and cloudy.

    ...I think I can...I think I can....I think I can... :mfclap:

    (ya know Doug...if we left a little early would have a chance to warm up to those highs a little. (and I could go)) :nana
  18. Oh that figures! I’m going to be out of town this weekend. But I’ll be back for the next one, maybe then the highs might get to the 60’s (yeah, I’m dreaming….) :fallinga:

    If you can, get out & ride…..I think you can…..I think you can! :mfclap:
  19. Soooooo, what did I miss? Did you all join up and ride a 400 mile route last Saturday? :popcorn:

    Or did the coffe cups go unused?
  20. Another beautiful sunny Saturday morning, coffee was good, even had a pastry….:popcorn: