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Saturday Morning Coffee

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Mic

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    It's common courtesy to call ahead if you plan on hosting a large group at an establishment, just an FYI.

    At least it is up here, and this is in a large Metro area, I'd be even more inclined when dealing with smaller, more "small business" like establishments who typically only have staff to handle during what they consider their "high traffic" times.

    If you don't feel like calling her up, tell me how many you have showing up on Saturday and at what time, I'll call her.

    I find it rather disappointing you find it "high maintenance" to extend a phone call in advance.
  2. I think you should not call, just show up there with a party of 20 to 30.
    Then when it takes a little bit to get your orders and get served, you should get impatient and complain about it.

    Wait, I see I wrote "should", where I should have written "will". Oops.

  3. Please see the first 2 words of my last post. I know common courtesy in making reservations for groups, I've been nicknamed Emily Post for a reason. Those that come to SMC here understand what I meant, I'm sure. The most we've ever had is 6 or 7 and that's on addition these guys rarely say/confirm whether they're coming or not. What I meant by high maintenance is having to call ahead every single week. Plus, I'd feel horrible that I call and have her bring an extra in and have only 1 or 2 show up.

    Personally I'd simply prefer to go somewhere that's set up and ready for business on a regular basis.

    As to your're welcome to have your opinions just the same as I am, but it would be nice if you wouldn't jump to conclusions when you've never met me. Seeing this type of thing going on so much with others is one of the main reasons I don't participate in the other areas of the forum much anymore. All the negativity really isn't needed.
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  4. Mic

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    Mel, I'm talking about your PNW Angels retreat/ride/whatever it is.

    I'm pretty sure you have an idea of how many people are coming.

    I've followed the little get together threads enough to know that your weekly ones sometimes are nobody to 5 or 6 people, but nothing extraordinary. I wasn't concerned about that.
  5. So.......

    Who's in tomorrow?

    I flaked out last week. Did the bistro work out?
  6. I'll be there but not on the new bike, I don't have plates for it yet.
  7. Chickenshit
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  8. Is it a Ruckus?????????

    Because that would just kick ass!!!
  9. Can I have the plate from the Daytona? It's not like it be road worthy again. Bring it in tomorrow, I'll put it on a running bike.
  10. I have words for you old man...words that would hurt sensitive ears and make the children cry.
  11. I'll be at the Bistro at 9.
  12. We'll be there in a bit, I'm running late as usual
  13. Bistro is a nice place to meet but the food is not as good as the PP. We had 10 bikes there. I had to leave early but I think the others went riding.
  14. Lisa & I went on a pretty good ride (after R1 & Mrs dropped us like a bad habit)

    We did 8-mile and 44. I'm still trying to get Lisa to get on the forum with us. She keeps hearing about all our inside jokes.
  15. Ouch! Don't worry, Mrs R1J dropped me just as fast....:angry7:

    I rejoined Mel's ride already in progress, ran around the local roads but had to break off around 1pm. Later I was being a total squid and dropped by Ron's to see the new ride......oh boy, what a real highway monster! :secret:
  16. It was nice and quite until these chicks showed up.



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  17. We at Waters Edge BTW.
  18. Water's Edge tomorrow!!!

    Mike & I hammered out some pretty good possible rides. Should be a great day!
  19. WOW! Had a great SMC today!

    Lisa, Mike, myself, and a friend, David on his HD! We had a bit of a miscommunication at first, but we got it all sorted at Condon :) Went through Hardman, and stopped in Spray for an emergency chain oiling. All of Mike's extra gear paid off! We had a well-deserved lunch at Fossil, and then followed Lisa west on 218.

    Someone must have snuck her onto a track day when I was at work!!! She was smooth and fast, and looked like she'd been riding for years!!! She was in the ZONE, I tell you! She was all smiles when Mike & I finally caught up at Shaniko.

    A great time was had, as always! That was just what I needed.
  20. Mike got a few pics....

    Here's where David had to turn for home. He's pretty damn good on his HD!

    Standing in the sun in Spray.

    Mike led us through the woods, looking for his favorite deer.