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Saturday Morning Coffee

Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by R1 Jackal, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Will you guys be planning a decent one this weekend? Ive been itching for a nice ride before we're done for the season.
  2. Juan, what is this "season" you speak of???

    I didn't park my bike all last year.

    Hopefully we'll get at least a few more good ones in before the weather turns crapulous!

  3. Hell...we have till mid-November... right Jackal?!?!? Lmao
  4. Yep! we're usually good until Thanksgiving, then a short break. New 'season' starts in January with a polar bear ride. Booyah....
  5. We had a really nice one the other day! Went all the way out to Ukiah and discovered another great road.

    We stopped on Hardman Ridge to look at all the nothing.

    74 was a great find!

    The Thicket. Good food, bad bathrooms.

    It was about 340 miles of fun!
  6. Anybody showing up for SMC tomorrow?
  7. Don't know. Ask the club president!
  8. If anyone is interested, we're having SMC at the Waters Edge Bistro these days.
  9. Won't make coffee today. Headed to Meadows :)
  10. So you got the job, it this your first day ?
  11. I did get it!!!! I'm pretty excited :)

    This will be an orientation day. We'll need a few more feet of snow before I can start pushing it around. But, it looks like that will be pretty soon!
  12. Congrats!!!!!

    I'll be there, with mini-me in tow.
  13. Anyone without a bike is a fag. Except you Melissa of course.
  14. Anything happening turkey-day weekend saturday???
  15. I'll be out of town this weekend so I'll miss SMC :rant
  16. I'll be back sometime Saturday.
  17. Me thinks you should have made Thanksgiving diner for us all of us. What were you thinking? Oh ya, what's the deal with job?
  18. I'll be there tomorrow. Need to say goodby to Melissa, a sad time indeed.
  19. Oh now, I have a few weeks left up here ;) I'll be there tomorrow as well.