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SAVE THE DATE!! Bike Night for Squirrel (Denise) on 9/15

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by fishrscary, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Please save the date - there will be another AWESOME Bike Night on Sept 15th at Rock The Dock (535 Dock Street Tacoma, WA 98402
    (253) 272-5004). This one is on a Saturday, so please come, it'll be a lot of fun. And you'll really be helping out a fellow PNWRider and contributing to raising awareness regarding Road Rage against Bikers.

    This time the event will be called "Bikers Rally Against Road Rage", especially to help out our fellow PNWRider, Squirrel (Denise) - you guys probably already know that she was a victim of a hit and run, and left for dead in a ditch, right? Out of the three hit and runs in June (that I know of), only Denise lives to tell what actually happened. RIP to the other two riders. :angry7: :sad:

    This really hits close to home for all of us, since it could have been any one of us... And we all have people that care and depend on us. It's really SO sad that there are people out there who want to hit bikes with a car! So little regard for human life...

    We're also looking for volunteers to help out, so that we have more than just me running around the parking lot like crazy (tho I think that'll happen anyway LOL!). Anyone want to run around the parking lot with me for a short time?

    The volunteer jobs are super easy, and you will be able to enjoy the Bike Night event, because we want to limit the time that volunteers will be working to a maximum of a two hour shift. The more volunteers we get, the less time each volunteer shift will be.

    So for all the people that said that you'd help support Denise, volunteering is one way that you can help out (all the volunteer jobs are really easy). Or you can donate prizes for the raffle, including gift certificates/cards, discount cards, products, etc. Each prize that is raffled will include whatever promotional tools you'd like to include - business cards, catalogs, etc. We will be calling attention to your business - or philanthropy.

    As far as I know, there will be no outside vendors. I'm expecting that we have one table of nothing but business promo materials from businesses that have donated something. This table will be manned (or womanned) by a volunteer, is just to make sure that the business cards and catalogs stay organized. Too easy, right? Someone to help direct parking, another volunteer position is to help out with the bike show.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who volunteers (there are benefits to being a volunteer - however, I can't tell you what they are yet, because we haven't yet decided exactly what we're giving out to the volunteers). The more volunteers, the shorter the shifts will be...

    Please PM me if you would like to volunteer some of your time to help a fellow PNWRider. I will also be consistently checking this thread.

    If you cannot make it to this event, you can also donate via PayPal or the "Save Denise" Campaign. The PayPal account is being handled by Mardi (Kitkat) and the email address is:

    The website for "Save Denise" campaign is:

    I'll have more info soon, and as soon as I know the info - you guys will too...

    *PLEASE MARK SEPTEMBER 15TH ON YOUR CALENDARS!! It's on a Saturday.* :mfclap:

    Thanks again!

    - Peggy
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  2. I may be at a wedding but if I’m not, I’ll be there.

  3. I hope you can make it!!! Yolanda needs to socialize too... :nana

    Can you make a "normal" bike night on Thursday? I'm gonna post it right now...
  4. Here's a draft of the poster that you guys will be seeing around town. If you have ideas to contribute - please let me know.

    Just FYI - there will be a trophy for "Best Sport Bike" as well as "People's Choice" this time (in addition to the other awards).

  5. looks like a good time! will the news be involved with this?
  6. many of us don't know where Rock the Dock (RTD) is. Would suggest posting address.

    Sign me up to volunteer.
  7. HERE

    535 Dock Street Tacoma, WA 98402
    (253) 272-5004
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  8. Sign me up as volunteer as well! I'm good for more than two hours, what ever you need.
  9. I'm not an idiot. Just helpful when plugging an event that people have details.

    Working to get Chic Riders involved. We'll discuss this at our next meeting.
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    Kudos for your efforts for a fellow/sister rider. Due to the distance I live, it's unlikely I will attend. I however as other members have expressed, would like to lend a hand financially. Could/would you set up/organize a trust, where myself and hopefully others could send funds? I use pay pal which is safe and convenient. It's the administrator of the funds that's needed; Thank You...AJ
  11. No no, not calling you an idiot... I just love using that website. I think it hilarious!

    535 Dock Street Tacoma, WA 98402
    (253) 272-5004
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  12. From the other thread:
  13. "Best Sport Bike" so opinionated and generic. If you want more to enter have more classes!!
  14. Yes - like prettiest. :mrgreen:
  15. I told my friend that has a band to connect some ow to mabey play at this event.He was just hit last night on his bike but hes ok except a broken foot.
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    Done; Thank You...AJ
  17. Keep in mind that while there is a "Best Sport Bike" - there is NO "Best Harley/Cruiser trophy".

    Sport bikes also qualify for all the other categories too.

    There's a "people's choice" trophy too - if you enter the bike show, you get to vote for "people's choice" and you can be as opinionated and/or generic as you want to be. :smile:

    Also, "Best Custom", "Best Stock", and "Best paint".
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  18. Thank you so much for bringing it up to your group.

    And "prettiest bike" - I think that fall under every category we have except for "best stock" - unless your bike is stock and the prettiest :mrgreen:

    And thank you to everyone for volunteering! There will be a "thank you gift" for all those that do volunteer - I'll make sure of that.

    You guys/gals are the BEST!!
  19. We are trying to get the news involved with this. It would be GREAT if the news would do a follow-up on Denise's story (but that's up to Denise, I'm waiting to see if she's comfortable with us contacting the news), and how cars can be more aware of motorcycles around them.

    Just wondering - back in CA, a lot of riders used to ride with their high beams on all the time - to let cars know where they are (nothing like seeing a driver's face light up from the vector of light reflecting into their face from one of their mirrors. This wasn't to annoy drivers - we'd ride where our highbeams would hit their mirror, and then back off, so that they're aware of where we are relative to their car.

    Do you guys have any "tricks" that you do to let cars know where you are?
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  20. I vote to make a category for "best yolanda"