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Scuba Dive 9/3

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by WaGigKPN, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Harper Pier

    Enter water around 1:00pm. (low is at 1:16pm, ~7ft exchange)

    Possibly do two dives? depends on what ppl want to do...

    We will talk bikes while on shore to keep this motorcycle related!
  2. Anyone transport air tanks on their motorcycle?

  3. I put myself to sleep at night thinking of ways to accomplish this...
  4. I live on the wrong side of the state. :x

    Have fun and stay safe! I'll get over there one day for this (and will hopefully be moving over there in the next few)
  5. I would say you dont want to dive Harper at low tide unless you want to walk to the end of the pier to get in the water. I lived about 10 mins from harper it is a good local easy dive put I recommend diving it at high tide. The small wreck about 30ish feet off the pier in about 30ft of water is cool and easy to find there used to be a line from the end of the pier out to the wreck.

    It is also a cool night dive lots of life on the pier.

    Be safe out there.
  6. Its a +2.9 low so its not that bad i hope.
  7. Dive was great! Got two crab. Lots of life. Until next time
  8. Is this the site? BTW, how was the visibility? I wanted to get a dive in before summer ended, but ended up canceling because of the horrible visibility, it was around mid to late July that I went. Got all geared up, tested and finally as I started heading toward the water, it was all brown, asked a few divers there and visibility was less then a few feet. Haven't had much time after that, but I definitely want to get a least a couple of dives in this year.
  9. Ya thats the one. Vis was 0 in near shore but out a bit it was almost 30 ft!! It was great. We will have to plan another dive.
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