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Scuba divers?

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by WaGigKPN, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. anyone in the kitsap, pierce, mason areas scuba dive?

    Wanting to dive tomorrow and would like to have some company...
  2. how is the diving there? I'm sure it is ridiculously cold (what do you wear 5mm?), but is there a whole lot to see? What kind of life do you get to see?

    I love diving, but I am super super spoiled! Haven't ever dove in anything colder than mid 80's

  3. 7mm is standard in pnw.

    Some dive for the critters and stuff. I dive to eat critters, crab, clams, oysters and also some treasure hunting.
  4. I wear a 5mm and Crystal wears a 7mm. That being said, a hood is not optional (ask me how I learned this) so if you don't have one, rent or buy.

    Dry suit is a better way to go but we usually reserve that for Neah Bay, but it's a great excuse to get your dry cert. :mfclap:

    As for life...nothing like the tropical waters your used to, but there is life and I agree, critters up here are for eating.

    My advice, if you enjoy diving for the pretty wildlife, warm waters, and just relaxing time...get on a plane (Key Largo and Texas Flower Gardens are my fav in the US), if you love diving just to be in the water...get a hood. :mrgreen:

    Either way, I'd try it at least once up here in the colder water. Different experience for sure.
  5. I'll be over that way next month and will ping you if time permits a dive.
  6. pardon me while i hijack your thread.

    of the schools in the greater seattle metro, which is the best? this is something i have wanted to do for some time and i think this might be the year for it.
  7. professionally, Divers institute of technology...

    Otherwise any local dive shop will have approved cert classes.

    I can recommend Tacoma scuba...I do my business through them...
  8. that looks to be more geared toward a commercial diver program. just looking for personal use type stuff.
  9. You really cant go wrong googling dive shops. They make their money through classes so they all should have it. Personally i went to hawaii and got cert for under 300. Not sure how expensive it is here. Btw when asking for a class you want you ow or open water cert.
  10. Rescue diver here. Always looking for a dive buddy. Maybe we should get a group dive together.
  11. Would be fun and you dont live far from me!
  12. iDive ;-)

    Hitting up Harper's tonight (early notice, I know) text if you want to join!
  13. Dang. Too late notice. I dont have a light anyways.
  14. for future refrence, I have doubles and in most cases triples of everything that you would be more than welcome to borrow :ninja:

    We ended up not going out anyways, the vis reports and tides are horrible >.<
  15. Lets get a dive going in Sept. I need to pick up my dry suit from Hoodsport but then I am ready to go.
  16. I got certified in the Hood Canal, of all places. Diving with One-eyed Jack, the local wolf eel. He was about all I could ever see. And he made me uneasy, lol. "Someday" I will have the opportunity to dive in warm water with pretty fish!
  17. There are some pretty awesome spots around here that definitely shouldnt be overlooked =) I am more than willing to play "guide" to anyone who wants to go.. Whether its just a leisure 30ft stroll around docks or 160foot twin tank decompression dive, I am down for whatever :mfclap:
  18. Lets set something up? I am planning on diving next monday labor day...
  19. I vote Labor Day as well. Pre-dive ride followed by a dive?
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