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Seat Advice: Sargent vs. Factory

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by EvilGilligan, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. I dropped off both saddles today and you will definitely get photos! I can't wait to see it, probably this Monday. We have a plan and I'm excited.
  2. Excellent! I exchanged mail with Dan and now that I know that he uses the current seat base to trim/customize/add/fluff/etc I'll drop of my current saddle after my Sargent arrives and I have stronger opinions on what I'd like to improve. Should be a cool project, and when i'm done I'll sell the Sargent.

  3. Here's the seat Dan at Apex Stitching built for me. I gave him the leather I had that was a gift to me from a friend. Because it's leather, it's got the texture and look of a natural material, which I personally like. A vinyl seat would probably look a little more uniform (in texture), but that's the whole point of leather. It looks real!

    I told Dan I wanted red stitching and an Italian flag and otherwise to build it his way. He spent a lot of extra time deciding how he wanted it to look and building it, but he didn't charge me extra for that. Anybody who owns a new Multistrada knows just how complex building a custom seat for it can be; it's a challenge.

    It looks amazing in person, and sits great.



    Plus, Dan's a great guy, and it cost less than half of what I would have paid for an aftermarket product but of course it looks completely custom because it is.

    Couldn't be happier, highly recommended, what a resource!

    Thanks to everyone for recommending Dan on these pages.
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  4. Just throwing another option out there as a very happy customer, Rich's Custom seats are absolutely phenomenal as well. More expensive than most but a truly custom fit, and any material under the sun. Kingston Wa.

    Here's a guzzi seat they did for my brother. even did the lil pad to match on the passenger seat cover

  5. fantastic looking! Looking forward to dropping off my seat in the next few weeks ...
  6. Damn straight. Still in love with the R6 seat you did for me.
  7. Sits great. You'll be delighted. Unbelievably fair price, and a really fine experience all around.

    I've had two Rich's seats and they are excellent. Can't be beat, a sure thing and at the price, they should be.

    Dan's an option for guys who don't want to pay the Rich's tariff.

    My seat was a challenge because the leather was hard to work with. I'd put it away and hadn't looked at it for ten years, and I made Dan earn every penny. I make no excuses, and neither did Dan.
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  8. Hi there. I tried to search for user Wyckedan and was not able to view his profile. How would I get ahold of him for a custom seat? Thanks!
  9. Apex Stitching
  10. Duc


    How can I get in touch with you to talk about a multistrada seat
  11. Haven't checked this site in over a year, caught it at a good time I suppose. Email me at