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Sept 11 - Kangaroo Farm Run 2021

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Diva, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. This is a fan favorite ride and event - great roads and fun to play with the roos. Now we've made this an annual co-ed ride for Seattle Riders since the Lady Riders usually does this for the annual International Female Ride Day in May. ~Diva

    If you plan to join the tour, we're taking payment in advance so we can arrange for a special group time, reduce your time in line and for the Farm to have a better idea of our group size. See info in the links below.

    As always - arrive gassed up and ready to go. Welcome to add other ride-in points in the comments if you're coming from further away.

    ROUTE -
    1:41/58 miles to the Kangaroo Farm, 1:52/67.5 miles total to the restaurant.
    Everyone - review and bring a copy of the route with you. It is mobile friendly with audible turn by turn directions, but you need to click "continue" at the 'end' points.

    This is an All-Levels ride taking us mainly along the backroads. I want to encourage riders of all levels to join us, whether it's your first ride with the group or you're a regular. **Just be sure to review the route ahead of time!**

    If we get a lot of interest, we can break the groups down to smaller numbers and skill level with an experienced rider as lead and sweep.

    RSVP and see full details via the links below.
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