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sharp looking Hondas

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by daytona595, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. I spotted two really sharp looking Hondas last Saturday, a SuperHawk with white body work on 509 and later a Blackbird, two-up, on the way to Ruston. Wondered if they were PNW Riders? Nice to see all the bikes out with this good weather.
  2. real PNW Riders dont ride Hondas.

  3. Fixt for you

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    Tell that to KRUKOV... :roll:
  5. :ninja:

    if all goes well, there will be some interesting changes on my end.
  6. Couldn't be anymore :scratchea :tard: :angry7: than going from an RC8 to a Victory
  7. im happy with that decision. i feel more at home on a cruiser than i do on a sport bike on the street. to me, the RC8 was a waste of a bike on the street and i have zero time to get on the track due to busy lifestyle.
  8. I think this is what you meant to say:mfclap:
  9. im just poking fun at the honda riders on the forum :nana

    every meet i went to in the past, there were nothing but a sea of CBR's.
  10. I'm just messing with you. As a former Honda owner, I can say they're great bikes, with no inherent flaws, but they do lack any type of soul/character. Yamaha's on the other hand...
  11. no worries man, everyone messes with me. i take it in good faith that its all in good fun. i do like to explain why i did it because there are those who dont understand or thinks i am :tard:

    i have some stuff in work and some of the locals may be proud of me when the time comes. it will be posted here :mrgreen:

    and yes, i do believe the CBR's are definitely an awesome bike as a whole. honda really put work into the development! i used to have an 09 R1. i loved the engine sound and its power but i just wasnt digging it after a while. i do love the Fury! its very stylish and really awesome for a stock chopper. i sat on it and its very lightweight too.
  12. The RC51 has no soul/character?:cry:
  13. I saw a couple of cool Honda's at the Tsawwassen swap meet back in April.
    Not usually a fan of Honda's either, but do have a tired '79 CR I would love to go ride.
  14. Yamaha's have the opposite problem. Lots of noise and qwuirky flaws and slow.... oh wait or is that Ducati? :thefinge:
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  15. Lol! Repped:mfclap:

  16. woh woh woh there scooter easy now you might end up on a honda one day and someone will snap a pic :mppoint:
  17. Very Sexy Bike
  18. :mrgreen:
  19. Here's the other side of the bike. Didn't get to hear it run, unfortunately.
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