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Shops in Spokane...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Perferd, May 1, 2005.

  1. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    So are there any good shops in spokane?
  2. Personally, the only shop I'll go to for parts is Westside Motorsports, sucks because they don't carry suzuki stuff. But maybe you'll have better luck with service at some of the other shops than I've had in the past.

  3. I agree...Westside Motorsports off exit 276 on the Interstate.
  4. That's a real broad question, what are you looking for? What kind of bike do you ride? If you could be a little more specific, that would help in getting you a more informed answer.
  5. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    ^Well I ride a Kawi...ZX6R to be exact....Why are there any other bike made lol...
  6. I'll drink to that! Kawasaki forever!

    Ninjas...women love them and men fear them. It's not just a motorcycle, it's a lifestyle!
  7. OMFG...ROFL!!! :withstup:
  8. Guff

    Guff Forum Admin Staff Member

    Though Westside is a good place for parts, I would caution you against getting services done there. I've had a few negative experiences with them.

  9. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    ^Thanks thats exactly what I was looking for...