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Short Notice Ride 5/30/2015 Wenatchee

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by PNWHardcore, May 28, 2015.

  1. Looks like a few are meeting at 10am Saturday, May 30th. Shell Station across the street from Cascade Auto Group in Wenatchee. CBR Dave Ingraham and I for certain, looked like 6SXR showed interest.

    Dave said we might swing up and check out Lake Chelan State Park to check out how this turns out:

    Post up and show up if you want to join!
  2. Looks like I won't be going over the pass this weekend, so I'm in!

  3. The roads up around Chelan are toast due to flash floods. Pretty sure McNeil and anything north of Orondo got hit too
  4. Weak Sauce... What shall we do?
  5. I say meet up as planned and figure it out? Just got off work and going to get some rest. I will check here in the morning to see if you guys are still down.
  6. I am still going to the meet up location at 10am.

    See whoever shows up! :evil4:
  7. I believe this was the final result: Custom Map