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Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Carr, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. I thought it was about time we had an official Kitsap area sightings thread. Post up if you've seen someone around town.

    Saw a trio of bikes in Seabeck tonight heading twords Silverdale just before 7pm. Looked like BluCat brining up the rear. Was that anyone here?
  2. The Doctor

    The Doctor GO!!!!!!!R1

    i see dead people:scared I did see Waldo's Kawa in belfair on my to union and eventually 101 but I think he was at work
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  3. i saw blucat yesterday on her hubby's cute new limey green triumph.
  4. Saw johnboy2, Heytiff, Tjrrrfic and someone else riding with the wife today. Ramoon maybe IDK
  5. We saw you too =]
  6. My wife and I saw a woman on a red Suzuki leaving the Kitsap mall last night, couldn't tell the model, but she had red gear and the gold Suomy flowers helmet. My wife's getting the blue/silver flowers helmet that's how we noticed her
  7. I see the white 848 , very often, heading towards bremerton on highway 3 as im heading towards silverdale.
  8. Yeah me too. I used to ride year round as long as it was >32 degrees but now my youngest goes to the Child Development Center in Jackson Park Housing and it's on my way to work...cold turkey sucks :rant
  9. I see lots of bikes drive by my work on kitsap way. Ugh... I hate working 1230 to 830!
  10. The White 848 you see going to Bremerton is most likely Brad (aka Willow).
  11. yes, i drive by and see barbara's bike parked and i give her the beep! beep! it's probably annoying being that shes workin and thinking ugh. but i will say, at least you have a good ride to and from work girlina. :)
  12. On that last part of the ride yesterday off of Big Valley a guy on a black busa passed me trying to catch up with the rest of the group.
  13. There was alot of people in my rearview.... (ALOT)

    Barbara at QFC belfair and we took some turns real quick... (I was in hers that time...)
  14. I sawl Tjrrrfic saturday in silverdale
  15. I see a lot more in mine too! Unfortunately one of them was a Leo last Thursday
  16. eekkk!! Sorry to hear that gal! I had one pinch me a few weeks back but nothing serious luckily!
  17. it turned out okay. Just another warning!
  18. That could have been anybody... you sure it was me?:nana
  19. Must be nice to have a pair of "get off easy" excuses....:angry7:
  20. Not sure you waved back so I thought it was you, but your bike looks like everyone else so it could of been someone else.
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