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SilverDawg is crossing the mountains

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by SilverDawg, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Temporarily anyway.
    I'll be camping at Sun Banks Resort near the Grand Coullee Dam this weekend. Arriving mid-day Thursday and heading home Sunday morning.
    If any of you are out for a ride in the area and want to stop by, it would be cool to meet you. Unfortunately, I will not be on my bike. I have to bring the truck for all the gear.
    I haven't been with this group camping yet, but it's going to be a good 25-30 people. Mostly friends of my girlfriend. We'll be playing on a boat and drinking a lot of adult beverages.
    Let me know if you want to stop by. Wish I could do some riding. Great roads around there.
  2. You had me at 25-30 friends of your girlfriend and adult beverages.

  3. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    are they hot female friends of your girlfriend?

    and you're not bringin the Bimmer?
  4. One could argue there are some hot ones in the bunch, but if my girl asks I didn't say anything :mrgreen:
    Probably 8-10 single women.

    Indeed. Not only do I have to cage it, but I have to do it in my truck. Close to 500 miles of driving without a chance hitting a corner hard. At least it's a nice looking truck.
  5. I thought that might help. :lol:
  6. ok where do I sign up, where do I go, table for two please.
  7. Is this where you will be staying at:

    Sun Banks Resort
    Osborne Bay Banks Lake
    Coulee Dam, WA 99115

    Looked it up on a map, that's more like central/western wa...such a tease! :mrgreen:
  8. That's the spot.
    We'll be in sites 84-88 at the southern end of the resort. I guess there is a big fire pit on the beach there.
  9. Yeah, sorry. Well, not much action in the Central Forum. Didn't think it would be too long of a ride for you all. Grab a camp site and make a fun night out of the trip!
  10. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    DUDE. IT'S MANDATORY that you let us hang out with your girlfriend's friends when you get back. WTF? why's eastside get dibs first?? TRAITOR.
  11. Sounds like we should put together a keller ferry ride and you guys should bring your party barge up to the ferry so you can listen to us RAIL that road. Sounds fun eh?

  12. I've only met them a couple times myself. I'll be posting about a house party shortly...
  13. Well I'm off the board until I get back. Sounds like a few of you might make it out there. Beans has my number. Let him know if you are trying to get a hold of me. Off to beer, women and watertoys...
  14. Made it back in late last night. Plenty of sun and beer taken in over the weekend. Pictures should be up tonight.
  15. I got your voicemail, didnt call back since you said you didnt have much of any signal. Never made it out there (gasp! I'm sure you figured that out by now) as my moto still needs some more work before she can make out of city rides.

    Next time, for sure!
  16. It's all good. We ended up taking the boat over to a private beach. I was afraid you'd show up and miss us. We were away from the camp for a few hours.
  17. So what's the latest? Will she be ready for next week?
  18. Should be if the last of the parts get here this week...still up in the air on Laguna...

    Jafar and I have a special two day moto trip planned no matter what....wuhahahahahahahaahaha

    But in a few weeks tops, I'll be over in Seattle prolly once a week just to ride, ride, ride, ride, ride! :nana