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Snohomish county, looking for someone to ride with

Discussion in 'New Users' started by kawigirl650r, May 7, 2020.

  1. Hey, just seeing if there's anyone on here in sno co who's down for shorter rides. I'm a new momma looking to startgetting back into riding but can't take long full day trips away from the baby. Hit me up.
  2. Welcome to join Lady Riders of Western WA meetup to post rides for other gals to join you.

    We also have a women-only ride this Saturday that's a bit shorter than I usually do, then longer co-ed rides on Sunday and Monday. Might event do some short afternoon/evening rides next week since it's going to be super nice out!

  3. Kawigirl

    How long of a ride is "shorter" for you? Are you available to ride during the week or are you limited to weekends?
  4. We are a couple in snohomish county and we would love to have you ride with us
  5. just post on the facebook group, you'll have a few hundred guys respond pretty quickly