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Snoqualmie Pass - Current Conditions

Discussion in 'Westside' started by beansbaxter, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Rockslide...the pass is closed indefinitely in both directions....not good

  2. They say it's closed for ....not days......WEEKS! :rant
  3. where did you hear that??
  4. welp time to reroute i guess sooner or later white pass will be closed for the winter and so on errr (I guess ill have to makle the student chain up lol
  5. stevens pass. white pass. or I84 in Oregon along the river
  6. I heard it on the radio this evening on my way home.
  7. After that last rock slide it does'nt suprise me. Eastbound will probly reopen but west bound might close for a bit.
  8. the current rock slide is on the east side of the pass near the snow shed. They have the eastbound lanes closed so the could move some of the rocks and try to stabalize the slope. I also heard they are going to keep it closed until they can get a geologist up there to look at the conditions that caused the slide.
  9. LOL I wonder if it takes a brain surgon to figure this out. Extremely wet conditions( after a fairly dry summer). It takes a geologist to figure out why a rock falls off from a rock wall or a mountian.
  10. Read in a report earlier, that they are shooting for Thanksgiving, to have the westbound lanes open.
  11. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Well, at least it isnt Bike Show weekend! :301
    Think warm happy thoughts
  12. +1
  13. About what time did this happen?? anybody know, I have family coming home that way :shock:

    Just found out they did not make it through :rant dang ,they are ok just stuck :mrgreen:
  14. They are bringing in a rock slide fence from Wenatchee and will install it monday morning and then will start clearing the lanes. I didn't hear any projection as to when they plan on having the lanes reopened. Only west bound between Snoqualmie and Eaton is closed.
  15. Does this affect getting up to the pass from the westside?
    Translation - can we access the ski area and get back home?
  16. hopefully it will be reopened in the next 2 weeks before I go home for Thanksgiving.
  17. DOT says there could be one lane open in each direction by mid morning tomorrow.
  18. Funny this is a thread. I was at an accident seen yesterday and a Troop I work with said Weeks. Then I talked to a DOT guy and he said basically it's hard to say. It's a new slide area (different than the one that killed the 3 women). It is east of the lake which means Webnar that you will still be able to get to ski areas. Part of the problem is the fact that it is a new slide area. I guess they are going to have a rock hound (aka geologist) take a look. So who really knows. You know the alternative for everyone on the eastside trying to get west is go over Blewitt then over Stevens (Hwy2). Long ass detour but it will get you west. Just my $.02.