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Discussion in 'The Dalles' started by Sugarkitten, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Wondering what goes on in the off season with this group. Cruised by SMC a few times this year, but never found bikes out front. I'm not the most social person, so I struggle with this stuff anyway, but I just trade in my ZX-14 for an S 1000RR and I REALLY want to ride. Anyone up for Fall runs?
  2. It's very much Hit or Miss with this group. We are more non-organized than disorganized, I'd say. Even if there are no bikes out front, there could still be a couple SMC'ers inside. Sometimes we go on epic adventures, and sometimes it's a quick coffee and then home.
    Do not fear if you are not terribly socially adept. Neither are most of us, but we do manage. It is an understated group with some very experienced and skilled riders, but without any discernible ego. A nice well-rounded group.
    Stop by sometime. I'm sure you'll be welcomed by whomever happened to show that day.

  3. Welcome ZXXX!

    As you already know, some of us all but disappear during the winter months especially around the holidays. I'm pretty famous for that. But a new year is upon us and I've got my ride back together so I'm starting to refocus on this year's riding season. If you get a chance, stop by this Saturday (for SMC, 1/10) for some coffee, I'll be there.

    Maybe a few others will stagger in ~ still nursing the hangover! crackup: