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South end Bike Nights

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by PushingTheLimits, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. These sort of things still happening? I know there was one on the 2nd, Any plans for this week? I know KK got shut down but thinking about trying to start these up again if people are down. After all it is summer!

  2. What are we thinking? Whats a good night for everyone?
  3. I'm in....lets do Tuesday's. What about the wheel?
  4. I'm pretty new on here, but I'm in! Just will have to ride with my husband if I don't get my bike back in time for the first one.

    What time do you guys normally have it? And what's "the wheel"?
  5. The old Wagon Wheel Place? I'm down to try this place out.
  6. No idea what that place is but it works. Tuesday around 6? or 7?
  7. Soooo does that mean its happening? :)
  8. Um. Well need to confirm were talking about "The Wheel Bar and Grill" in Tacoma? It says its kid friendly so that should work pretty well. That or we could do the usual KK, Just have to go to the Tacoma mall one since Puyallup has shut down. I dunno what people want to do as far as if they want a place to sit down and have a meal or just a quick bite. Whatever place we choose it will be at 7pm on July 10th Tuesday Night.
  9. I'm down for the wheel, that way you can sit down and have a meal or just a drink. I like the 7pm, cause I get off at 6:30 so this works for me! I'm not to crazy about the roads around the Tacoma Mall, people forget how to drive over there and act stupid.
  10. which one is the place where the owner is on PNWR?
  11. The Wheel Bar and Grill
  12. So its going to be " The wheel bar and grill " in Tacoma at 7pm, Tuesday July 10th.

  13. See you there
  14. I'll see you guys there too. Will be coming with my husband, cuz my bike is STILL in the shop and I have to be passenger for another 7-10 days.


    I'm also not crazy about the roads around the Tacoma mall. I know like four riders that went down there over the years (one was just a few months ago). And they're not bad riders either...

  15. In! I submit Five Guys in Lakewood town center as the next one, if anyones interested.
  16. Depending on when my wife picks up my child I may be there ^_^
  17. Google is showing a "Loose wheel bar and grill" I'm guessing that is NOT the place? Who knows the real address?
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