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SOVERN classic car races...

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Max_&_Blondie, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Over 250 antique race cars competing in seperate classes, for 3 days!

    You can check out the cars, the pits, and many displays as well as a cool car corral where people like me bring their classics and replicas/hot rods. Weak watered down beer available at a rediculous price, or do like we do, sneak in a flask of your favorite hard stuff and add it to a can of soda :mrgreen:
  2. Have that on my "tentative" calendar. Unfortunately my car likely won't be running by then to role out there in. Putting together a 74 MGB.
    Flasks are good! As a seasoned tailgater I know this well.

  3. A buddy of mine in HS had a bug eyed sprite.. it was the definition of tiny! Top speed was 65 if I remember correctly :shock:

    But it was a chick magnet 8)
  4. I got it cheap from my stepfather. He had it repainted and never put the interior and trim back on the thing. Has been sitting in a garage for 5+ years. No rust and a lot of new chrome. Took it for the fun of working on it with my dad (he had a couple MGAs back in the day). Probably sell it when I get my fun out of it. Don't have room for it! It's parked at my dad's place in North Bend right now.
    And yes, the chicks like them!
  5. What I really wanted short term was a hopped up, hotrodded Karmen Ghia... but the little lady said "NO" to storing it in the side yard until I could get to it.. was a convertable in yellow, missing the drivetrain and interior.. perfect for a custom..

    So, I'm setting my sights on a replica of this, the 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe:
  6. That thing is wild!
    Found a pic of my project. Still sitting under a cover in NB:
  7. Cool project Silver. Nice that you have it in dry storage!

    TTT We're going to the Races on Sunday the 3rd. We'll be in the stands wearing Leather "Stevie Ray Vaughn" type hats, with binocs and a camcorder. My hat's black, Blondies is brown.. stop by and say hi!
  8. I love frame off complete restorations! Make sure you get the latest rust proofing metal treatments before you paint!!
  9. Hah, zach I traded off most of a 41 sedan for my motorcycle habit...