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Spark Plugs?????

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by LoveHate9, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. I'm about ready to get a tune up done on my bike. I have an 04 GIXXER 600. What are that best performance wise plugs to use? Thanks for your in put. :rr:
  2. stick with oem, that's what i always do for sparkplugs.

  3. Comin' from a mechanic here...

    Stick with OEM plugs..

  4. Try the iridiums if you have the cash-some guys like them

    NGK or Denso
  5. Hey I gotta back up ZX on this, Iridium may be the top of the line, but if your bikes ignition system isn't made to run with them, you my actually notice degraded performance.
    Bike coils (and bike electrical systems in general) are running at bare minimums as far as reserve electrical power is concerned, and especially on newer bikes - your electrics are spec'd to run with plugs of a certain resistance.
    If you want to try a different plug, get some specific values on the OEM plugs first, and use that as a base line to find out what other options you have.
    It's kind of a pain, but these ain't cars - homework will pay off.
    That's my .02, B.
  6. :scratchea I have a GSXR 1000 2K4 and I replaced my plugs with NGK iridium plugs. It idles, starts, and runs better than the stock plugs. Three other guys I ride with have done the same , we all swear by them, that is no hype either!
    Anyone that knows anything about iridium plugs will tell you , that they are the best, and the newer cars and bikes are coming out, factory installed with them. If someone had a problem with iridiums it is for a lot of other reasons.My buddies S2000 Honda got 5hp gain on the dyno, with them!
    If need plugs of any type go to :rant
  7. I just did mine yesterday with OEM NGK's.
  8. According to my manual, my F4i comes from the factory with iridium plugs in it. Check your manual yours might too.
  9. Most Owners Manuals will list an iridium alternative if they are not OEM in the first place. I have had a few top tuners claim very minute (but consistant) horsepower increases when switching to iridium plugs. My car idled better and had a tad better fuel mileage when I switched them.
  10. Iridium plugs might or might not help performance, but they should not degrade your performanace, and they should last longer. And having to change them out less, means I'm on the road more! datphat: