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Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by beansbaxter, May 6, 2005.

  1. Just a reminder, as I do mine, that you should change out your sparkplugs. Most service manuals will give you a few different options that are optional from the stock ones. Some people like to run cooler sparkplugs due to the price difference, but sometimes running too cold or too hot is not any better.

    As I was doing my research, I found this great technical article on sparkplugs and though I'd pass it along:
  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    it's the next maintenance thing i've gotta buy. along with another can of brake fluid.

    what else have ya gotta do for the 16000 mile tune? can i just take it to the shop and have them check the valves and only that? cuz i can do everything else...

  3. Spring for the iridiums both NGK and Denso make them.
  4. I used this link to purchase the NGK CR9EK

    Not a bad price @ 6.23 Ea.

    It is an Iridium plug (multi ground) and is the replacement plug for the 04 R1

    Takes a 16mm socket to replace them and don't forget to check gap (6mm-7mm) the torque for the plug is only 9lbs. so take it easy or you will be doing some unwanted head work.

    Service on the R1 calls for new plugs @ 8k
    Buz.. 8)
  5. Westside had them for that cheap, but I had to pay $16 each for the same stock ones Kawi has in my 12 cause it has a v-tip end...doh!!
  6. NGK are the hot ticket. Never use Champions BTW, they do not last very long.