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Speed trap.. Maybe. EB hwy 14 around Leiser and 205

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by SprintnFJ, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Eyed 2 state patrol vehicles inside a 1/4 mile that had pulled over folks. One Crown Vic and a motorcycle police. Time was about 10:20am. Use caution sportsfans.

    Have a good day!!
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  2. Deven

    Deven Dee-von White

  3. From Washougal to Salmon Creek I saw at least 8 cops this morning.

    I ended up just following one on 14 at ~75 (A car switched lanes right infront of the cop and the cop had to slam on his brakes... didn't get pulled over though) and then followed a cop from the exit for 500 up to Padden at ~80.

    Not sure what was going on but the majority were sheriffs.
  4. I've frequently seen them parked on the Leiser overpass overlooking Hwy 14 and the really tricky ones will park on the on-ramp to 14 from Evergreen\Shorewood in order to radar westbound traffic.
  5. Out on 503 I saw a new cop on a black bike... O.O
  6. Saw 4 yesterday between Battle Ground and Fahrger Lake, one a MC cop who had pulled someone over.

    Must be end of their fiscal year.
  7. Miss audacious - I don't even know, but she seems to get cops to disappear.
  8. I used to get home from work around one 1a.m. three or four nights a week there would be a patrol car just sitting on the Lieser overpass.
  9. Good to know. I have seen them sitting on the 192nd overpass over 14 as well. Also they have been hitting the 14 construction through Camas HARD.
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