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Spiral Highway has been compromised

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by spudman, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Just took a ride over to Lewiston this afternoon. Of course I hit the Spiral Highway on my way into town. Had a fun ride down the ribbon of asphalt, until about a 1/2 mile from the end. The bottom of the Spiral Highway was resurfaced. You know the crap with road tar and rocks, the shit was still fresh. I could smell the tar and those little rocks were sticking/kicking off my tires, what a mess. So if your planning to make a trip to the Spiral this weekend, BEWARE!
  2. Thanks for the heads up, we hit it up on wednesday and it wasn't like that. You going to come to the barbacue this next week? I am thinking that maybe people (like myself) who don't know where roxy live can meet at taco del mar before and all follow someone there who actually knows where they are going!

  3. snake

    snake Paralized with excitement

    I haven't been to Spiral before. Is it a good ride if you start from the top and go to the point where the gravel starts then turn around? I was thinking about going there sometime Wednesday 13th.
  4. Shwaa was sayin' the road is still good to ride....any updates??
  5. Eh, the bottom sucked anyways.

    Oh, and keller is SPOTLESSSSSSS

  6. Skier and I have taken spiral several times in the past few days. From the last turn of spiral by the junk yard down to the bottom stop sign it is loose gravel that has been packed down. No, it is not too nice on tires, but it is drivable. I would just suggest that anyone looking to hit up spiral for an afternoon run turn around just before the junk yard in the parking lot off to the left while heading down hill...
  7. How is Skier's secret project coming along wuhahahahaha
  8. Pretty good, but he is going away for a 10 day river trip. Needless to say the project goes on the back burner while he is floating down a river, drinking beer and smoking cigars.
  9. Just got in about $60 of parts for it, going to order up some more tonight. Shouldn't be too long, now.
  10. sir I think, are addicted to that 4 mile section of bliss over by the many times a week you hit that thing up??