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Spirit Ride 23rd on

Discussion in 'Westside' started by youngjedi, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Last month I posted the idea of a Mt Rainer ride on July 23rd, to see if people was interested in meeting and riding with people of other motorcycle sites, and the responses of this ride has been very positive and the ride for the 23rd July (Next week) is on, however being that the mountain ride would not be the best ride for a group ride, I was advised to take another route, and I decided to take the green valley route in place of riding the ride to the mountain.

    NOTE: Myself and some more rider will be riding to the Mountain that week, if you would like to ride with us to the Mt. then just let me know.. I am going to ride Mt Rainier and St Helen's

    The Route
    This Green Valley route we will take is scenic, has good surfaces roads and, consist of sweepers.

    The Ride
    This ride is not going to be a speed ride, but also not a boring ride either, the tempo of the ride will be one as not to cause anyone to push themselves too hard to crash, . (all skill levels will enjoy this ride and are welcome)

    Meeting Place(s)
    I will be leaving from Puyallup, and I will meet some riders from the south end, and other from areas around the south at the South Hill Mall at Krispy Kremes @ 1230pm. From there we will ride to Hinsaws motorcycle in kent, Hinshaw’s Motorcycle Store, 1611 West Valley Highway Auburn, WA 98011.

    to meet the riders from the north, then from there we will ride out 1330….
    if for some reason these links does not work, or you would like to contact me, email me@ and I will email the info to you.

    So you will notice me when we meet I ride 05 GSX-R 1k black/gray.. My helmet is a KBC black/chrome w/ mirror visor, looks like one piece, and black/gray leathers.

    My name is Jermaine

    if it does not rain we ride
  2. So, you're saying you plan to head out from Hinshaws at 1:30?

    I'm interested in this ride, too. Just want to be sure to be there on time :p

  3. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    are you talking about green valley road? that's sort of a short ride...
  4. it is a nice rout justat any hr, if that is not enough I have other we can ride also