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Spring break ride

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Skier, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. If anyone's going to stick around for spring break, I'd enjoy riding with ya. I plan on taking a ride the beginning of the week sometime. I'd enjoy a longer trip to someplace I've never been to before, like possibly Boise. It might be a two-day trip, if someone else is interested. Otherwise we could just find somewhere closer that's intersting for a day ride, I'm open to suggestions. If you know of a cool place somewhat nearby, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

    I'm thinking Tuesday or Wednesday for the ride - my new Roadcrafter jacket is due in around then and I want to break it in. :)
  2. What is KLR Nick doing for the break?

    I will be in Pullman this Thursday and coming back up with Leif on Friday. Bringing my bike too so hopin for some good weather. Spiral, Spiral, Spiral!

  3. Nick's gonna be out of town for break, possibly going to Phoenix.

    So, uhh, when do you guys plan on riding on Thursday? After my 9 AM exam I'll be free until my 2:50 PM class, so from about 11 to 2:30 I'm available to ride. :)
  4. Oops, looks like I've got to scrap being available then - I found out I have a 4,000 word research paper due yesterday so I have to finish it by Thursday. :(

    (edit: 4,000 pages is a bit much, I meant 4,000 words.)
  5. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider


    I got an appointment with Shumate Motorsports in Tri-Cities for a spring tune-up, along with faring replacement on the left side. All spring break I will be stuck indoors with my guitar.
  6. I'm the same way now. I drove down to Pullman, came back up today, and I had oil leaking out of the gasket seal where the gasket and the heads meet. So it's at the dealer getting fixed under warranty. They are also though doing a valve inspection/adjustment, replacing the front and rear sprockets, and replacing the chain. Oh well...sigh.
  7. That is why I enjoy my 80s UJM - leaks are supposed to happen. :)

    Although I am getting my wheel bearings done sometime this week. :/