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St. Regis, MT, to Avery, ID?

Discussion in 'Northern ID' started by juanitotheclumsy, May 31, 2015.

  1. I would like to know the condition of the road from St. Regis, MT, to Avery, ID. It appears to be gravel, which is fine for my DL650, but my buddy has an older Triumph Sprint sport tourer. Should he be worried?
  2. I rode it slowly on a Honda CBR1100xx Blackbird three or four years ago. It was fine, but sport bikes on gravel are dicey. It's easy to do it safely if you're patient enough to do it slowly. You'll want distance between yourself and anyone in front of you to keep from choking your radiator and air filter with the dust, and pitching gravel at your face shield. I remember we went to the end of the pavement on the St. Joe River road, and then turned left. I think this is the route.
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  3. have done it 6 or 8 times, all but one have been west bound.
    Idaho is 100% paved, MT side is good gravel.
    MT's surface appears hard pan (hard packed soil with clay content) with light gravel on top for ~15 miles.

    I've been on a sport touring bike FJR or C14 every time.
    Once rider friend was on sportbike w/o problem.

    hope this helps ... enjoy.