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State side turbo company

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Buz, May 6, 2005.

  1. Been looking at a few companys that make a turbo kit for the 04 R1 but they are outside the US (Austrailia and the UK so far).
    Mr. Turbo has been around a wile and has a good rep but i'm not finding info on the Yamaha as much as say the ZX-12 and Hayabusa.
    I'm sending them an email requesting further info on the Yamaha system so i'll wait and see.
    If anyone has came across another company please let me know.
    I'm not planning on the turbo install until the end of October of this year, this gives me a few months to set up the rest of the bike with a few mods such as slipper clutch & power shifter not to mention new chain and sprocket set up.
    One question i'm wondering about is a full exhaust system on the 04 R1 with a turbo installed?
    From the ones i have seen they simply dump right off the turbo with about a 6" dump and no muffler.
    Now wile this saves on the weight of the rest of the system and i'm sure sound great (in a race kinda way) I'm pretty sure the cops will take note with it (no pun intended..:)
    Anyone seen a full system on the R1 as say Mr.Turbo does on the Hayabusa?

    I held off on the purchase of a full Akrapovic system this week just due to this question.
    Why get a full system now for around $1500.00 if i need to change it up in a few months.

    If anyone has info on a turbo kit or mods for the R1 with a turbo kit please let me know.

    On a side note here there are street turbos and full blown race set ups.
    I'm looking for a street set up that will run on 92 pump fuel and put out about 10-12 lbs of boost.
    From what i gather on a stock 03 R1 motor with 10 lbs of boost WRH is 190 and torque is 125flb.

    With the 04 motor and 12 lbs. of boost it should be close if not over the 200WRH and 135flb and still be able to be a daily rider.

    The Bike plus extra weight of the system should not exceed the weight of say the new stock Honda CBR1000RR @ 396lbs.

    This should allow for the R1 to keep its edge in the twisty parts of the road and downright eat up the straights.

    Oh well, everyone need a winter project right.. :twisted:

    Buz.. 8)
  2. I don't know of a source but one thing you will definitely need to consider is your current compression ratio.. if it's too high now, and if you don't switch pistons, you will never be able to run on 92 octane.. you will fry your pistons very quickly..

    The level of max boost is critical in relation to your un-turbo-ed compression ratio. Personally I would prefer something like 8 to 1 compression, and a computer controlled turbo that works with EFI and the ignition system, to deliver boost only at higher RPMs..

    Sounds like a fun project for the winter, like my EFI was supposed to be, but I got held up by certain aspects of the work like the custom fuel cell build, system peripherals and missing senders, adapting the Holley electric fuel pump to AN lines, and also some personal matters. I'll be done by July hopefully.. I'll need to have the computer programmed and a day-long tuning on a chassis dyno by some pros up in Auburn.

    Always assume your project will take 2 x what you work out initially/hope for. :scratch:

  3. Mr.Turbo kits include the price of a set of flat top pistons that drop compression to 8.5 or 9 to one, can't remember now.
    It's all in the "kit" price. (around $4,700 for a EFI Busa)
    Running say 9:1 comp. and 10 lbs of boost on 92 oct. should be ok.
    The nice part about ordering from a company that has taken care of the research and development is they take the guess work out of the set up.
    You know the #'s you will get and runability before you put the money down.

    Now i just need to fine one in the US.

    As mentioned before the only thing i'm in the blind is the rest of the exhaust system after the turbo.

    Have not seen an example of an undertail system with routing to the turbo outlet however undertail is not the only option.
    I'm open to a side set up, whatever works and i can make flow with the lines of the bike.
  4. Well, since you have aluminum heads your actual compression ratio factor would be something like 8.1 to 1 so you're right where you would need to be.. but if it's a kit I would definitely use exactly what they supply, as you said they did the R & D
  5. Just outa curiosity, have you ever ridden a turbo bike before? Are you familiar with any of the old 2-stroke bikes of yesteryear? Im curious as to what kind of riding you do and why you want a turbo kit? Many reasons, just hate to see someone spend the dough on something that isnt what they want in the end.

  6. Hey Buz...don't let me be one to tell ya what to spend your money on, but I'm kinda with Eric on this one. What's the reasoning behind wanting the turbo? I havent found much of a reason to have a turbo on a bike aside from drag racin' it.
  7. For once i agree,Most people, like me, cant harness the power that the bike comes with stock. Sounds like you are doing it for cool facter. Which is fine but rember the bike can and will be alot harder to control. If you do it more power to ya!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I am not a rookie to riding and have been at it now for almost 24years.
    Yes i'm the big 4- 0 this year..

    One nice part about being older is you can finally afford the things you wanted when you were in your 20's and 30's

    Do i know what i'm getting myself into with a turbo bike...yes

    Have i rode or owned high HP sport bikes in the past ...yes

    Is this just for the dragstrip?
    Once in a wile for the fun of it but not a regular weekend thing.

    Do i think i'm doing this for "cool" no.
    Not even close, you don't know me very well.

    No Turbo stickers for me, you won't know it's there except for a boost gauge and a little wine to the exhaust note.

    What i want is a faster bike than i have now without going to a larger bike like a ZX-12 or a Busa.
    Sat on both today at RMC and they are big bikes!
    Wouldn't mind one but it's not my first choice on how to get from point A to point that is.
    The R1 i can still bang thru the corners yet have plenty of power for the straights.
    I also want to be able to ride it daily as i do now on pump 92.
    I wasn't talking about a full race system as i mentioned before more like a street version.
    I also like my bike to differ a little than the masses .

    A turbo system and all that goes with it might sound expensive but when you figure it's less than 1/2 the cost of a new bike it's not so bad.

    Take a new R1 and spend 5 or 6 K on it and you have one heck of a bike vs the same amount of $$$ for a new BWM or Harley--stock..

    I guess it's all how you like to spend your money.

    Buz.. 8)
  9. Buz

    Your right, I dont know you, but cool factor is all about being different. When you differ a little than the masses thats whats Im talking about. I have a buddy over here that is putting a turbo on his Busa. I still cant understand why but thats what he wants.
  10. Buz, we're definitely on the same page. Yes to all the above, and yes, I can definitely use more HP than my stock Max puts out. The key is where and when. ...and the experience and natural ability to use it.

    Been on two wheels for 35 years and my older brother was a horsepower-hot rod freak who did some wild sleepers and I got to drive every one of them on dates and cruises and such, as a teen.
  11. Don't worry buz I think that 1000 "+2" is just jelouse cause he has never known the "cool" feeling before. And his chicken strips could feed a army. :p

    Love ya Baby
  12. HAH, chicken strips.... feed... army... hah! thats some good poo, im gonna write that one down.

    Im not gonna preach, you seem to know what you want. Good on ya boy, just dont crash it is all I ask. Ive been around a couple of the older turbo bikes, they were insanely fast in a straight line but had a knack for going from 90hp to 135 hp right where we usually hit the throttle coming out of a corner. If your of the opinion your skilled enough to go from your R1's 140 to the boosted 185+ leaned over, have fun with it, but damnit be careful! That bitch will be fast!

  13. I like my chicken strips with BBQ sauce.
  14. I've found taco/hot sauce is even better than BBQ sauce.
  15. Had a reply from Big CC racing about the turbo kit for the 04 R1.
    One for the guys in sales said they had just returned from a show and that he would have pictures and info for me this week!

    I'm taking off for the next couple weeks working in Alaska but will post more info when i return and as i find out.
    Buz.... 8)
  16. hey keep your ear to the ground with the snowmobile crowd. They do a TON of turbo setups on that R1 powered sled yamaha builds, they might have some key setup info for you or ideal turbos to use...

  17. Thats a good idea as far as ther sleds using the turbo.
    Only thing is finding a good shop that is going to handle the R1 turbo job and back you up when you need work done.

    Email today from McCoys said "soon" and still working on it.
    Big CC said there's was finished and i would get more info and pictures soon.

    I did not plan to install a turbo till Oct. or Nov. anyway so the time line is looking good.

    I'm not in a big rush, would rather have a tested un it that isn't going to have problems down the road.

    One way or the other i feel almost giddy to think of my R1 with a turbo. :twisted:

    Now i have the time to get a slipper cluth and a new rear shock first.

    Buz.. 8)