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Stolen Bike - Bothell - F800GSA

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by David Bailey, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Such a sad day for me - pulled into our parking garage to see that my 2015 F800GSA motorcycle has been stolen. Rode it Sunday, so some time between now and then it was taken. So heartsick... If you're a rider you know how much time, attention and money you spend making changes and upgrading your ride - and I was SO looking forward to getting back out now that our tsunami of a winter is drawing to a close. The police officer that took the report asked if they had permission to impound the vehicle if they found it. I said, "You have my permission to shoot the person riding it!" They declined to take me up on my offer...

    If you have any info you can call me at 281-840-9572


    Tank bag - globe decals on panniers with F800GS

    Vin: WB10B1500FZ493737

    Plate: 2E0395
  2. Please give us some basic information like where do you live, etc.

  3. Yes, sorry, should have done that in original post.

    The bike was garaged at 18333 Bothell Way NE, in Bothell, WA. From reviewing security footage, it was taken at 5:47 on Thursday morning, March 23, 2017. I'll try to post a picture of one of the perps who was kind enough to take his helmet off and look at the camera.
  4. They found it!!!! Behind an abandoned house in Snohomish. Seems in good condition. Tank bag and contents gone, but otherwise seems good. Police sending it to impound and I'll pick it up on Monday when I get back in town!
  5. This is really good news for you. The odds of you getting your bike back were close to none.
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