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Storing gear on campus...anyone do this?

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Lia, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. This may be a little early but I am wondering anyway, does anyone know about where a person can store their gear on campus? I don't want to carry my jacket and mostly my helmet to all my classes. I think it will add unnecessary wear and tear to the gear.
  2. In the CUB, there use to be some lockers on the basement level that you could rent. Storing things in their was never a problem.

    Or if you have a job on campus and then you just leave everything in your office. I use to work in the ASWSU so I would always leave my gear in the office there when I had classes to goto.

  3. If you ask real nice, Cary can probably store your gear in his office in Cleveland. He's currently on vacation but he'll be back on Monday. Drop on by and ask him!
  4. Both of you have great ideas. Thanks, I will try the Cub first bc I have a late schedule and that way I don't have to worry about getting things out of Cary's office before he leaves.
    If I find any good places, I will also update this thread.

    I am glad you mentioned Cary, actually. I just got on here to start a thread to see where he was! I was going to challenge him to show to the BBQ today but, I guess not.
  5. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    i've got an office in bohler if nothing else...
  6. how did that oil work out cordodor?
  7. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    changin it tonight
  8. Hi Lia!

    Been away on vacation and now back to work. We rode to Red Lodge Montana...Yellowstone...then onto the Missoula...then highway 12 through LoLo Pass and home. Covered about 2100 miles in five days and had a blast. I'll fill you in on the details at bike week if we get a chance to visit.
  9. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    sounds like a great ride. welcome back, Cary
  10. hey I know that they have lockers by the indoor climbing wall that are usually empty and unlocked, I used to use them when I had to store soccer gear inbetween classes. they are pretty big if i remember right, and all you need is a simple combo lock. Hope that helps. I am not so sure about the cub still having lockers, I know that they have been doing alot of remodeling work sooo.. maybe though. good luck!
  11. you can get free lockers in the library, you just have to sign up downstairs.
  12. Thanks Chris! Made it to bike week and missed seeing you there! Maybe next week. ;-)
  13. I "commuted" to class for three and a half years on my bike. Usually if the weather looked to hold, I'd lock my helmet on the bike, store the gloves in the seat, and take my coat with me. I usually had class in bohler/PEB/SMITHGYM and could easily lock it in a PE locker. SRC is a good place too if go to work out and can get a big locker. Library (which was already mentioned above) is a good one as well. For me the hassle was lugging my helmet around and worrying about what was under the desk when I set it down there (gum, spilled pop/water/whatever the f*ck else). Course, its also a good way to keep a seat next to ya available in those particularly full classes so the class hottie (guy/gal) gets to sit with ya :mrgreen: or you can keep some space to stretch out cause God knows theres never enough room in those classes. just my $.02
  14. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    as small as pullman is, why don't you just walk? i almost never drove to campus when i was over there...
  15. It takes me about twenty five minutes of speedwalking to make it to Sloan, let alone the other side of campus. Bus takes about 10 to 15 minutes to anywhere else, but why walk or take the bus when you can log in a few more miles every day?
  16. Lucky

    Lucky The $75,000 Rider

    I walk in the winter time, does that count?
  17. He he, because I have a bike, and I love it.
  18. Well when I was at WSU, you used to be able to park behind Johnson Tower, the best kept secret on campus for motorcycleparking. Literally, you were about 20 paces from there to Todd Aud where I had a lot of my lectures at.

    Given the right conditions and lack of patrolling law enforcement, apartment parking lot to campus parking lot was well under five minutes.

    That's why I bought a 1200cc motorcycle, to get to class quicker. To get to Spiral Highway and back into town when I had an hour break between classes and wanted to do a quick ride.
  19. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    well, i guess i couldn't blame you guys for riding every chance you get. that and i didn't have a bike until after i graduated, so i wouldn't know what it was like to have a bike on campus... good on ya for riding, and then some...

    i just wish i could find as many places to walk to as i did when i was in pullman.
  20. I'd wager a little 250 or 500 could beat a literbike around town without breaking a sweat. ;)